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Start-ups and deals, Malaysian style

A LOT has been written about getting investors interested in start-ups. However, very little has been written about how start-ups can and should negotiate with potential investors in Malaysia. A few people recently asked me for tips on how they could save themselves from common issues or complications, and I thought maybe I should just share my thoughts with Digital News Asia readers. Given that I do have some experience making a living in my previous life fumbling around with ...

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It’s hard to raise money in Malaysia

‘We couldn’t raise even a single dollar in Malaysia or Singapore,’ says Catcha’s Patrick Grove Can’t depend on govt-backed VCs, private sector needs to step up, says Mavcap chief THE start-up space is recognized as amongst the most vibrant sectors in the country’s technology ecosystem, with even the Government launching initiatives to boost and support it, yet it is still very hard for entrepreneurs to raise money in Malaysia, especially from private sector funds and investors. Which is what forced ...

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5 Ways to raise capital for your SME

ANGEL INVESTORS Angel investors are wealthy individuals who will give an entrepreneur financing in exchange for a share of equity in the company. Investment sizes range, but usually are less than $1 Million. Angels often times work in organized groups that screen deals and invest with each other, while many invest on their own. Angel investors are more serious than the type of investor you would find in a Friends and Family Round, but they are usually less serious than ...

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3 common pitching mistakes of business startup owners

Securing funds from venture capitalists or angel investors is one of the most difficult tasks of business startup owners. Not only do they need to convince potential investors that they will benefit from the deal, they are also tasked to convince them to believe in the potential of their ideas. Venture capitalists and angel investors are experienced when it comes to choosing which startups to fund. Most of the time, they know how to separate the entrepreneurs who lack the ...

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5 Signs Your Biz Plan Will Come Up Short With Investors

Without further hesitation, here are 5 signs your business plan will come up short with investors: Sign #1: You’re Selling What? You know what you sell. But has your business plan clearly and concisely described those products and services? Too many business plan writers make the incorrect assumption that the reader is as familiar with their business as they are. Unfortunately, this assumption leads to a quick and final “no” from lenders and Instead, define and describe your product for ...

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Forget Business Plans, Build The SIX

Wanna knock ‘em dead? Forget writing business plans. Investors don’t read them. Seriously. Hand an investor a business plan and they will do two things; read the executive summary and then flip to the financials in the back. Why? Because ultimately the numbers say more about your ability to succeed than anything else, assuming you have the right team and opportunity. Instead of spending hours writing a business plan. Instead of agonizing over every word and fiddling endlessly with formatting, ...

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4 Ways to Secure The Nod of Angel Investors

Securing an investment from an angel investor is considered as one of the most difficult aspects of establishing a business startup. For many, this is even harder than coming up with a good idea for a successful business venture. Fortunately, there are numerous angel investors out there who can provide financial support to business startups that have potential to make it big in the market. But for entrepreneurs, the common problem is not finding them. Rather, they have a hard ...

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Do You require Startup Venture Capital?

When you want to start a business you must have some money to pay the necessary items needed such as office equipments , deposits and stocks and this is called a startup capital. If you have insufficient fund, then you may approach a firm or any investor who is willing to pump-in their money into your start-up business and this fund is called venture capital. There is a different between venture capital and business loans as the former does not ...

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Funding Your Start-Up Business

There are numerous costs involved in starting a business and one of the entrepreneur’s early challenges is in raising capital. If you plan on becoming a successful entrepreneur, you’ll need to be smart in raising the money and investing it wisely in your business. We highlight several sources of capital for start-ups. For the aspiring entrepreneur, coming up with the capital required to start a business isn’t easy, especially with a mortgage and car loan to pay and a family ...

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