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Consumer Guide To Buying A Franchise

INTRODUCTION Many people dream of being an entrepreneur. By purchasing a franchise, you often can sell goods and services that have instant name recognition and can obtain training and ongoing support to help you succeed. But be cautious. Like any investment, purchasing a franchise is not a guarantee of success. THE BENEFITS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF FRANCHISE OWNERSHIP The information below is intended to help you understand your obligations as a franchise owner, how to shop for franchise opportunities, and how ...

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Do You Really Want to Buy a Franchise?

Next to owning your own home, owning your own business has got to be the one thing most people aspire to. Both are underpinned by that sense of freedom, of not being controlled by others, that is at the heart of our very own identity. Being in control of your time, your effort, and hopefully, your income are very powerful driving forces. There is something about being self-employed that appeals to the vast majority of us, even though to most, ...

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Pros & Cons of Buying A Franchise

Buying a franchise is an option considered by corporate employees experiencing downsizing or unfavorable work conditions. Before you take the leap, your Guide for Small Business Information has assembled the pros and cons of buying a franchise. The International Franchise Association says, “Industry analysts estimate that franchising employs more than 8 million people, a new franchise outlet opens somewhere in the U.S. every 8 minutes, and approximately one out of every 12 retail business establishments is a franchised business.” ...

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Who are the Entrepreneurs?

Existing Malaysia small to medium size business owners as well as start-ups involved in a diverse range of businesses. Opportunities presented here include everything from manufacturing companies to real estate opportunities and everything in between. Generally, these entrepreneurs have exhausted traditional lending sources and their own private equity sources and must look for ways to bring in outside sources of capital for growth (ie.angel investors).They are often too small to be eligible for venture capital funding and/or have business models ...

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Business Plan for Buying a Business

Business plans are developed for new businesses and when buying an existing business. Sometimes, entrepreneurs want to buy an ongoing business because they believe they can grow a business with new ideas and approaches. When buying a business, it’s still important to write a business plan to ensure that all aspects of the purchase have been considered and future growth is planned. In many cases, the business plan is also used to attract investors like venture capitalists or angel investors. ...

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Top 10 Lies of Entrepreneurs (and Investors)

Read these two sets of top ten lies: one of entrepreneurs and one of investors, so that you know what not to say and what not to believe. Top Ten Lies of Entrepreneurs 1. “Our projections are conservative.” 2. “Jupiter says our market will be $50 billion in ten years.” 3. “Several Fortune 500 companies are set to do business with us.” 4. “No one else can do what we’re doing.” 5. “Hurry up because other investors are about to ...

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