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10 Tactics For Finding New Business Ideas

I’m often asked how I come up with so many new business ideas so here are some tips for coming up with your very own business ideas. 1. Expect to have ideas . If you believe you’re incapable of coming up with ideas then you won’t come up with any. Put aside any negativity about yourself or you creativity and expect to have ideas. 2. Keep and open mind. Ideas can come from anywhere and some of the best ideas ...

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More Money: 5 Ways to Earn Extra Cash in Your Spare Time

The discussion yesterday about how to earn money when you’ve lost your job got me thinking about ways to earn extra income outside regular employment. None of these are quick fixes, but they’re ways to generate cash in your spare time. Get a second job A second job can be an excellent way to earn extra money if you have the time and energy. Why have a second job? To pay off your debt To build up your savings To ...

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4 Defense Strategies to Becoming A Millionaire

Something happened to me that completely took over my mind and made me think non-stop about money. I completely transformed every facet of my existence to thinking more and more like a millionaire. Come on, you know you have it bad when you think about it during sex. What type of mindset do you have to have in order to become a millionaire? First off, let me say that I am a firm believer that in order to reach a ...

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10 Totally Stupid Online Business Ideas That Made Someone Rich

How to get rich the smart way? Read what some creative people did: 1. Million Dollar Homepage 1000000 pixels, charge a dollar per pixel – that’s perhaps the dumbest idea for online business anyone could have possible come up with. Still, Alex Tew, a 21-year-old who came up with the idea, is now a millionaire. 2. SantaMail Ok, how’s that for a brilliant idea. Get a postal address at North Pole, Alaska, pretend you are Santa Claus and charge parents ...

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Make Money Online with No Website, No List, and No Money?

I get the best emails from my readers. I thank each of you for taking the time to email me and ask your questions about Squidoo, SEO, internet marketing, and the like. Your questions challenge me and bring me OUT of my ‘comfort zone’….for that, I am so appreciative. Today I received an email that really got my attention. It was a short email with a very specific question: “Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to make ...

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5 Tips to Start Making Money Online

With today’s economy and the real signs of recession, more and more folks are taking a good look at their computer to see if there is income potential. This is a smart move. Making money from home with your computer is a very real possibility for anyone who takes the time to learn. However, learning is the roadblock that many run face first into while trying to learn this online marketing business. There is SOOOO much information about making money ...

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Six Tips for Money-Making Hobbies

You can make money from your hobby. Whether you knit, or write, or make photographs, or grow a vegetable garden, or tinker with cars, or build web sites, or collect ancient coins — you can make money from your hobby. I’m not saying it’s possible to get rich by playing your violin at weddings, or by weaving baskets from pine needles, but earning money from a hobby is a nice way to get paid for doing something you would do ...

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15 Crazy Ways People Make Money in Today’s Economy

In today’s economy, it can be pretty tough to make money anywhere, but some intrepid folks are earning money hand over fist online and they’re doing it in some crazy ways. There’s a lot that can be learned from these people, especially if you’re sitting on your own idea but think it’s too out there. As these people illustrate, there’s no end to the insanity when it comes to making money online! 1 . Virtual Farming – Nearly half a ...

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Turning a Hobby into an Income

If, like most people, you are passionate about a hobby, you may have dreams of turning it into a business, and making a living from it. There are few more satisfying ways of making a living than from a niche that you enjoy, and indeed, many of the most successful business people in the world are those who are able to invest their time and passions in their work. The chances are, that no matter what your hobby is, there ...

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