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SME Loans / Grants

SME Loan & Grants by Malaysia Government

To support the development of SMEs, the Government of Malaysia provides a comprehensive set of programmes through various Government Ministries and Agencies, which are broadly categorized into “Financial Assistance” and “Business Support Services” TYPE OF FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Soft loans Grants Equity Financing Venture Capital Loan Guarantee Scheme Tax Incentives (Pioneer Status: 70% – 100% tax free up to 10 years & Investment Tax Allowance) FUNDS & SCHEMES AVAILABLE Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) SME Corp. Malaysia Bank Perusahaan ...

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List of Government Grant and Loan Scheme for SME and individuals

The Malaysian government has come out with many financing schemes to help SMEs start or grow their businesses. The efforts of the government to encourage SMEs can be seen from improved and more beneficial financing schemes that have come out year after year. There are many types of government financing scheme offered by various government agencies open for application. SEED / START-UP FINANCING CGC DAGS Start Up (All Sector) Cradle Investment Program by Cradel Fund Sdn Bhd (Technology-Oriented) SME Bank ...

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SME WCGS 2 中小型企业贷款无需抵押

Objective To assist viable companies with shareholder equity below RM20 million, to gain access to financing, to maintain their operations under the current challenging economic environment. Eligibility criteria Legally registered Malaysian-owned companies (at least 51%) in all economic sectors, with shareholder equity below RM20 million. Financing limits Minimum: RM100,000. Maximum: RM1 million per company. Purpose of financing: The Scheme granted shall be for the purpose of financing business activities and not to refinance existing credit facilities. Interest/financing rates BLR + ...

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Government Loan Scheme

Flexi Guarantee Scheme (CGC) Objective Flexi Guarantee Scheme (FGS) provides guarantee for loans granted under Fund for Small and Medium Industries 2 (FSMI 2), New Entrepreneur Fund 2 (NEF 2) and Rehabilitation Fund for Small Businesses (RFSB). The funds are designed to facilitate greater access to credit for viable Malaysian Small and Medium Industries (SMIs). A total of RM250 million is allocated for the NEF2, RM400 million for FSMI2 and RM800 million under RFSB. Main Characteristics Among the main characteristics ...

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Financing for SMEs in Malaysia – Smaller businesses have many avenues to seek funding for growth

SMALL and medium enterprises (SMEs) are broadly defined as manufacturing, manufacturing-related services (MRS) and agro-based industries that employ around 200 full-time employees or have annual sales turnover of not more than RM50mil. The term also refer to enterprises in the services, primary agriculture and information and communication technology industries with not more than 75 full-time employees or annual sales turnover of not more than RM20mil. According to the SME Annual Report 2012, small and medium enterprises represent 98.5% of the ...

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Term Loan, OD & Revolving Credit (Commercial Banks)

TERM LOAN A Term Loan is a fixed amount of loan granted for an agreed period of time and to be repaid in fixed instalments. Term loans are normally granted for the purchase of fixed assets. With fixed repayments, you’ll be able to plan and manage your cash flow effectively. OVERDRAFT (OD) Allows you to draw additional funds quickly and conveniently from your current account when you require it. Raising additional capital for running a business or making investments is ...

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Trade Finance – LC / TR / BA (Commercial Banks)

LETTER OF CREDIT (LC) This is a major payment method in international trade because it benefits both parties in the transaction. As the buyer, you do not have to pay until the documents are received in good order. Your sellers are also comfortable because they will definitely be paid if they have complied with the terms of the LC. TRUST RECEIPT (TR) A form of financing for your purchases, where the financier pay your suppliers 100% of the value of ...

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Business Loan (SME Bank)

ACTIVITIES QUALIFIED FOR FINANCING 1. Manufacturing (Preference will given to high growth sector) 2. Services Electrical, Gas & Water Supply Transportation, storage & communication Wholesale & Retail Trade Education Healthcare Other selected services 3. Construction (Contracts from Government & Government Linked Companies (GLC)) 4. Tourism 5. Finance Companies 6. Oil & Gas 7. Mining except for quarry 8. ICT & Biotechnology 9. Other selected sectors OUT OF SCOPE 1. Primary agriculture (Processing and services of food products are exempted) 2. ...

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