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Our company is looking for corporate and individual investors who have the capability to develop and manage a master country franchise for CellAct Business System and passion for beauty related business. The individual(s) will need a business background in management and experience in marketing of beauty product and services….
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International Business Opportunity

This is a people business and the most successful CellAct partners care about helping others achieve success. The individual(s) will also need sufficient capital to sustain and support them during their master development period. The Master Franchisee will share in the revenue from franchise development and ongoing royalties. The Master Franchisee (MF) is CellAct partner and management representative in it respective country. The MF is responsible for interviewing and recommending applicants for the awarding of a CellAct Business System area franchise. In addition they provide assistance in the initial development of the franchise store and with continuing operational support once the store is open.


Since its early incorporation in 1998, Strata Pro Sdn Bhd has expanded its business of importing and supplying international cosmetics and skincare brand products to provide therapeutic and corrective skin and beauty care solutions to its customers in Malaysia.

Strata Pro is an innovative skin care distribution company specializing in the marketing of range International brands of Anti-Ageing skincare and make-up products. Strata Pro is the sole distributor in the Asia region for professional skincare brands CellAct (Switzerland) and DermaPro (Italy), International Make-up brand Barbara Bort (Italy) as well as professional aesthetic equipments from Europe.

Currently, Strata Pro has distributorship network strength of more than 300 dealers and beauty salons in 13 states in Malaysia. With the realignment of the company’s structure and inclusion of new management team members in 2007, Strata Pro’s business ventures has expanded to include local and global retailing by a subsidiary company namely Sprinkle of Radiance Sdn Bhd.

Sprinkle of Radiance Sdn Bhd established in 2007, (a subsidiary company of Strata Pro Sdn Bhd) is the management company of CellAct’s retail business operations.

Sprinkle of Radiance (SOR) offers business opportunities to women entrepreneurs, promoting beauty and encouraging women’s contributions to the national growth and development, transforming them to be successful business operators via CellAct Business System, a Malaysia franchise-compliance business system with comprehensive support systems plus IT infrastructure.

SOR has grown from one idea into an organization composing of a variety of talented and passionate team members with 2 operating outlets.

SOR offers the following business packages to individuals who are seeking to become knowledgeable, self-sufficient and successful in the beauty business: –

CellAct Rejuvenation Centre (CRC)

CellAct Retail Outlets (CRO)

CellAct Certified Centre (CCC)

About CellAct
CellAct products are developed biotechnologically and manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the highest Swiss quality standard.

CellAct products are dermatological safety-tested. Being always on the forefront of advanced technology, intensive ongoing research and development are done by Swiss skincare experts to ensure the high quality and effectiveness of CellAct products, producing remarkable and immediate satisfactory results.

CellAct’s cellular treatment skincare holds international levels of scientific and technological achievements and is a Swiss world-renowned tradition with strictness of Switzerland quality control that is ranked highest in the world.

CellAct products are carefully developed based on a blend of different plant cells extracts, DNA, pure enzymes, proteins and uses only pure glacial water in the formulation. This makes CellAct special when compared to other conventional cosmetic products in the market. It is why CellAct is ‘The Answer to Beautiful Skin’.


What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, such as bacteria or yeasts, or biological substances, such as enzymes, to produce high value extracts with proven benefits and applications to the cosmetics and skincare industry. The most modern technique in biotechnology is DNA technology, an alteration of genetic material with atomic precision. DNA plays an active role in controlling the skin’s vital function that slows down the cellular degeneration.

Standard Of Quality

Sophisticated use of biotechnology with cosmetology and dermatolog
Stringent Research & Development
Microbiologically tested by Meditest SA Switzerland
CellAct products’ effectiveness tested in vitro and in vivo
Stabilization for 30 months in active state
Expiration date stamped on each container to ensure freshness of the products
Developed & manufactured in Switzerland with highest Swiss quality standard
CellAct products are Non–comedogenic
CellAct products effectiveness is reinforced by the pleasure procured from using them: textures, fragrances and colours are carefully studied to make it a multi-sensorial pleasure.

CellAct products are constantly invented to appeal to all women, wherever they live and whatever their age.

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