Seek investor to joinly takeover a 25 years old ceramic plant in Seremban:

Properties :
(i) An estimated over 10,000 sq.ft. factory, Seremban (Manufacturing)
(ii) One showroom in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. (Trading)
Value of properties: +/- RM800,000.00
Value of facilities : +/- RM700,000.00
Total Acquiring : RM1,500,000.00

Current Situation :
Previous Shareholder and Director requested the new appointed Director to raise higher capital to further proceed to the acquiring progress.
Reason : Secure higher capital to allow cash flow stability within the first year of takeover the company.
Repayment Method : Down-payment of RM400,000.00 is paid to the director. Settlement of the remaining of RM700,000.00 within duration of 3 years with interest. All these will be bond by an official contract.

Proposed of investment for Investors

(i) Short-term investment: RM1,500,000.00

Duration of contract : 12 months
Disbursement of interest : Once every quarter (3 months)
ROI : Minimum of 9.00% per annum guaranteed
Hit Annual Sales Target : Extra 3% from total investment (which can be withdraw after maturity)
Example: Deposit RM1,500,000.00 x 9% = RM135,000.00
Withdrawal of Interest: Every quarter, RM11,250.00 x 3 months = RM33,750.00

(ii) Long-term of investment : Be the official shareholder in the company

Duration of contract : –
Status : Shareholder of the company
Disbursement of dividend: –
Rate of ROI : Base of the share owned by the Shareholder.
(iii) Others possible options: Joint-Venture, Silent Partner.

Proposed used of capital:

(i) The amount of capital is reserve for our clients who require payment term when they purchase
products from us. We will restrict the payment term of maximum three months from our clients.
Payment term clients will be hold an estimate of 40% of the company total sales volume.

(ii) The capital will be use to cover minor part of the over-head from the company within the initial
few months of operation.

(iii) The capital will allow us to invest in other ceramic moulder to further diversifying the business
within the second year of operation.

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