China Amusement Park IT Outsourcing, seek pre-IPO funding

China Amusement Park IT Outsourcing, seek pre-IPO funding

xxx is the top solution provider in China & Malaysia for Amusement-park Information Management, providing Ticketing & Admission Control solutions

Funding Proposal – RM3MIL

Investment in:

– IPO activities
– Park IT Outsourcing Investments


Selling 10% of xxx Technologies Sdn Bhd (“the Company”) for RM 3,000,000. Investor has a Director seat. The discounted valuation of the Company is MYR 30,000,000 as the IPO (April/May 2012) projected valuation is MYR 60,000,000.

• The IPO market is London Stock Exchange, AIM, giving London Olympic is held in 2012.


• Group of Companies
• Board of Directors & Management Team
• Management Profile
• FY2009 and FY2010 Sales
• Financial Projections
• Business Directions Pre-IPO
• Business Directions After IPO
• Profit Projections After IPO
• Products and Services
• Customers References

Business Directions (Pre IPO)

• Sell & Implement Total Ticketing Solutions

– Offline / Onsite Ticketing
– POS, Logistics, Inventory, Finance Analysis, etc
– Online Ticketing, Online Mall, etc
– Admission Control and Crowd Management
– ONE-CARD Solutions • Barcode cards or RFID wristbands
– Business Intelligence Tools
– Online Ticketing Portal

Business Directions (On-going)

• Park IT Outsourcing Investments: (started from year 2009/2010)
– Babyboss Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, etc
– Only World Projects

• Ripley’s, Haunted House, Jungle Gym Genting
– The Beaches, Thailand

• Supply Ticketing and POS solutions

• Supply Networking Infrastructure
– Menara Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
– Desa Waterpark, Malaysia

• Invest to build up new attractions

– Operate China Parks & Attractions (2013)
– Operate Amazon Falls, Thailand (2014)

• Owner focuses on Hotel & real-estate investment
• Kids Education Parks Solution – Games System, Ticketing systems, POS / Inventory Management systems, etc

Business Directions (After IPO)

• Vertical Market Development

Enhance focus in 4 traditional industries:

• Attractions: Amusement-parks & Zoo (45)
• Theater & Performing Arts Center (5)
• Stadium & Events (1)
• Science Center & Museum (1)

Invest into upcoming industries:

• Kids Career Parks (2)
• Shopping Malls with Indoor & Outdoor Parks (2)
• Horizontal Market Development

Invest and penetrate into new industries

• Events Ticketing – Concerts, Sports matches, Expo / Exhibitions, etc

• Transportation Ticketing – Train, bus, MRT, etc

Invest and expand into new markets • Into Europe and the US markets

– Via merger-and-acquisitions
– Participate in Global Expo. I.e. IAAPA Orlando
– Acquire new complementary business

Enhanced Total Ticketing System (TTS) – Currently xxx provides Ticketing & Admission Control System. We will enhance our business as a Total Solution Provider

• Integrated POS, with settlement center, costing, e-Procurement and inventory management modules
• Integrated Online Ticketing, with online booking, eCommerce and 2D-barcode delivery modules
• One Card Solutions for members with eCash top-up, discount-vouchers, point collection modules, etc
• Integrated Shopping Mall Solutions with rental, contract, parking & mall management modules
• Link to Hotel Management System, allow hotel-room cards to act as eWallet for in-park spending.