Choco Berry Shaved Ice and Malt Milk (*first of its kind in the market) seeking Investor/JV partner for aggressive expansion plan

Up-to-date, the company have established 3 signature stores under 2 flagship names in Malaysia; particularly in July 2012, the company had established their first flagship store in Xuzhou, Jiangshu Province China through the appointment of one Master Licensor.

As part of strategic growth both locally and internationally, the company have planned ahead directional goals and missions for further executions. Hence, we sincerely look forward welcoming reliable partners specifically in funding sourcing and injections through business financing and M&A (*being acquisition strategy as the market-leader in the niche F&B segment)

Business Nature

Choco Berry targets the niche market segment by selling its signature SHAVED ICE and MALT MILK with several different menu themes. (*First in the market)

Both menu serve the majority market regardless of age group and races. Among our loyalty customer groups are young individuals and families.

Besides the menu, Choco Berry associated merchandising items will become one of the revenue generated streams despite the products will be welcomed by majority groups namely young couples, kids, housewife being the consumer groups; in the other hand business groups too who enter into OEM arrangement with Choco Berry on preferred merchandising items labeling.

Business Objectives

Developing chain of outlets through kiosk AND retail concepts.
Establishing brand name internationally through partnership, JV, licensing and supply chain models.
Ongoing R&D towards generating remarkable menu for new edge experience.
Implementation of specific market growth strategies through product differentiation along with M&A strategies.
Profits allocation towards contributions to the community whom we care.
The Unique Selling Proposition (*USP)

Our main USP relates to the flavors and temptations of taste~
Unlike other similar products, our testimonials gained and positive feedback from end users differentiate us from one simple reason :-
Truly Shaved Experience~
Among our best selling flavors are namely Chocolate, Strawberry, Milk, Yoghurt, Yam, Lavender along with other signatures such as Green Tea, Mango & Passion fruit.
What’s more? The toppings enhanced the taste through several selections ie: Oreo, Almond Flakes, Choco Rice etc~
Current Financial Standing & Proposition

Choco Berry is currently debt-free despite we are generating profits throughout our first year establishment of outlets locally and abroad.

As part of global expansion, we are seeking strategic investors to grow with us who share the same value and business objectives together into establishing Choco Berry as the leading brand name both locally and internationally.

Competitive Advantage

Choco Berry serve new edge menu namely SHAVED ICE and MALT MILK which there aren’t much direct competitors in the market. Furthermore, the menu is specially formulated with recipes and the serving techniques with several toppings.

With the committed team who strive to bring new edge menu to the customers, Choco Berry ensure efficient operations at all time along with R&D efforts.

Value chain is offered by Choco Berry despite the merchandising items become a promotional push strategy and part of generating loyalty customers.

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