Our proposed project is based in Malaysia. Malaysia, together with Indonesia are the world’s largest palm oil producers in the world. They consume 40% of the world’s total fertilizer production annually. Malaysia produces 21 million tons of oil palm waste per year, an environment hazard.

There are 420 oil palm mills in Malaysia, only about 40 have implemented waste management control, however, none of the systems todate is as superior and efficient as ours. The attached power-point slides presentation on CDM on Composting show the difference between our Invessel System as opposed to the conventional Windrow System.

Our technology is patent pending for Malaysia & Indonesia. Our zero waste technology processes 100% of liquid and solid oil palm wastes into organic compost fertilizer. The system has been proven to be the best option and solution to reduce global warming effect, in accordance with research report by the Institute of Agricultural Technology and Biosystem Engineering, Germany.

We are proposing to build the first plant, capital cost for each plant is RM 41 million (approx. US$ 14 million ) . We plan for 10 plants over 5-7 years. Each plant produces minimum 36,000 tons of compost fertilizer, from about 72,000 tons of oil palm solid wastes. This is a small step towards resolving a huge environmental problem.

We are able to secure debt financing up to 70-80% from lenders such as the Malaysian Development Bank if we can secure an equity investor. This project qualifies for zero tax status in Malaysia, an incentive to invest in oil palm waste management projects in Malaysia.(www.mida.gov.my). We are open to any structure of financing, whether equity or debt or a combination of both.