Project Title What happen when Uber meets tinder over hh finder?
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested Rm900
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Put Uber, tinder and happy hour finders and that exactly how clickme came about. A booking matching partner for happy hour.
Business Opportunity Mainly for people who hang out after work at preferred bistro or bars where no PR provided and everyone needs someone to talk to. So we targeted 5pm-10pm for the booking because of happy hour session.
Revenue / Business Model 1. Subscriber 2. Booking pay 3. Bistro ads on map 4. In apps purchase
Management Team 1. CEO/ Founder 2. Apps developers team (local and oversea) 3. Anp team 4. On and Offline Marketing teams 5. Event partners 6. Celebrity and branding group 7. Legal team
Company Background Been talking about clickme since last December. Registered 27 May 2018. Not much of investment as mainly done by own team for free.
Funding Milestone 1. Produce of the Apps not more than rm120k (on going maintanence rm27,000 monthly)
2. Anp, marketing on and offline rm270k
3. PR and events rm360,000
– all above are targeted for first 18 months target not more than rm750k
% Equity Allocation 36%
Expected ROI 180%
Risks and Mitigation We targeted 2 rounds withing 18 months of subscription which is R1: 20,000 R2: 50,000 Total of 70,000 x rm99 (subscription alone) = rm1,980,000 + rm4,950,000 = rm6,930,000
1.Figure won’t speak if subscription doesn’t match. 2. The demand of clicktime( bookings) exceed no.of clickmate(partner) *under supply
Exit Strategies After 18months or possible of share acquisition by VC’s
Company Name Clickme App Solution
Business Address Taman Petaling Utama 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia
Contact Person Mr. Clickme