Cloud computing is where the ICT industry is heading and it is already a big thing in the overseas market, but have yet to gain momentum in Malaysia. It is driven by and contributes to the realisation of four major computing concepts: utility computing, on-demand computing, autonomic computing, and Green IT. My partner and I formed the company officially 3 months ago after months of research and identifying the best strategy on how to tap into the local market while promoting the use of cloud computing in the clients\’ daily business practice. It can revolutionize the way a company communicate and collaborate, and streamline their whole business process such as accounting, HRM, ERP and CRM.

We plan to bring cloud computing to schools as well, by first focusing on private schools and institute of higher learning. We are working towards getting the enterprise partnership status with Google, which would instill more confidence to the potential clients to use our services while enabling us to approach bigger corporate clients like TNB, MAS and other listed companies.

We envisioned Cloud Nettor to be a MSC status company as early as in the first quarter 2012. We have vast potential to expand to other APAC region as we grow our connections. For example, my old contacts in Kazakhstan (which I dealt with during my oversea assignment while working in an oil and gas company previously) has shown much interest in our range of services and has even talked about forming a partnership to cater to the local market over there.

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