CMIA Capital Partners

CMIA Capital Partners

CMIA Capital Partners (“CMIA”) is a private equity firm focused on investment opportunities in China and Southeast Asia. Established in 2003, CMIA operates out of offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

CMIA’s investment team comprises of experienced investment professionals with complementary skill sets from diverse backgrounds.

CMIA has led over US$600 million in private equity investments. We are primarily focused on Growth Capital opportunities, and have also financed Greenfields, Buyouts and Privatizations selectively. These investments span across various industries in China, including agriculture, consumer, environmental engineering, medical/healthcare, industrial materials, manufacturing and real estate.

CMIA is a pioneer in the China private equity space and has built a strong investment track record and network of both government and business contacts throughout China.

CMIA won the Best Private Equity Firm in China award (second place) at the Private Equity International (PEI) Asia Awards in 2008. In China, CMIA today has an investment preference in the agriculture, consumer and medical/healthcare sectors. We consider investments in other industries and sectors opportunistically.

Since 2009, CMIA has also begun actively evaluating investment opportunities in well-managed growth companies in Southeast Asia, with a primary focus in Singapore. We believe in business partnership with good and trustworthy management teams and desire to work actively with portfolio companies to grow the business, both organically and through M&A initiatives.

Our Investment Philosophy

CMIA is particularly keen on providing growth capital to mid-sized companies in China and Southeast Asia with the potential to become industry or market leaders. Through our investment and value-add, CMIA seeks to bring these companies to their next level of profitability, growth and potential, domestically or even internationally.

Our investment philosophy rests on three pillars:


We have a successful track record of appreciating how socio-political changes and changes in the economic environment can bring about new market or industry trends. With further thought, analysis and diligence, we are focused on translating our knowledge and perceptions into business opportunities, which we then effectively capitalize on. We are committed to ensuring that our portfolio companies are able to be nimble and sustain their development in the long run. We understand the challenges and opportunities facing growing businesses and tailor our involvement and contributions to meet the unique needs of each portfolio company.


We hold the view that a business will only experience success if it operates in a favorable environment and is led by a strong team. We seek to invest in companies with able leadership and competent management teams. We aim to be actively involved and be in close partnership with these teams to help build businesses that are successful and sustainable in the long run. This often includes our participation in the formulation of strategic business plans and initiatives, balance sheet optimization, strengthening of the management team, corporate finance, as well as in improving corporate governance and internal controls in our portfolio companies.


We are selective and disciplined in making investments. We are committed and actively involved with each portfolio company. CMIA is able to value-add to and increase the value of the businesses that we back through our own business acumen as well as our network of government and business contacts globally. Previous portfolio companies have provided favorable testimonies on the benefits of having CMIA as a shareholder and business partner. CMIA believes that we are able to secure attractive investments at favorable terms primarily because of our commitment and the value that we can bring to businesses that we back.


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Quintin Vello Posted on11:59 am - 28/03/2019

would an opportunity to acquire an entire or majority stake in a lifestyle property development project just north of Phuket be of interest or relevance ?