Project Cost: $ 3,451,554

Amount Invested : $ 46,296

Amount Required : $3.4 million

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

Industry: others (Mining)

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:

Begins with our experience in a mining company, We had formed a new company that fully dedicates its resources to trade minerals or others mine products. The expertise we gained from experience in a mine company, especially in the mine management, quality control of product until shipment, and trading coal.
We are from CV. Hidayah, as the Coal Mining, General Contractor and Trading in South Kalimantan precisely in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. The company is engaged in general contracting, coal mining and coal trading. Where the company has a license from the government of Indonesia to address the above-mentioned fields. Other than that the company is already registered in the notary\’s office in banjarmasin.

The company won the trust of the owner of the concession to mine in the area that they have, so we have letter the holder single partnership from the owner of concession. Mr. Syamsul Alam Ashady: Director has 9 years’ experience job in General Contractor, Trading and Mining and Heavy Equapment Dealer. 4 Year as managing operational company. In 2009 syamsul already holds 20 branch companies engaged in the automotive field as Purchasing Manager.

Mr. Syamsul Alam Ashady never plays a role as an operational manager at two different companies, namely in 2008 and 2012. Where the calculation as operations manager for 4 years. He handles general contractor companies, coal mining and coal trading. He had handled directly in the field of coal mining, so the direction and instruction to be more effective and efficient to achieve the desired targets.

Mr. Syamsul Alam Ashady focusing on the Energy and Natural Resources Industry and will continue to use a good relationship with several companies and international business development experience to build a CV. Hidayah as a major energy and power of Natural Resources in South Kalimantan – Indonesia.

Product / Service Description:

Coal Mining with Binuang, Province Tapin, South Kalimantan with an area of 543,10 hectares and deposit estimated that 30,000,000 MT with calorie value in Mine is GAR 4500 KCal. The stripping ratio is 1: 4 with a thickness of coal that is 4 – 8 meters. And the houling distance as far as 32 KM to Port/Jetty is KPP (Kalimantan Prima Persada) that have mileage to the vessel for 18 Hours.

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Investor Registration


Syamsul Alam Ashady (
Company Name: CV. Hidayah
Postal Address : Jl. Nakula IV Blok VIIIC No.11 Rt.025 Rw.003 Komplek Bumi Pemurus Permai
State : Banjarmasin
Post Code : 70248
Country : Indonesia
Telephone : +625113264437
Website : n/a
Mobile: +6281351446500

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