College in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah seeking RM1million short term funding.

College in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah seeking RM1million short term funding.

XXX International College is a college established under XXX Training Academy. We provide tertiary education to SPM or O-level leaver to pursue their studies in Business or Tourism faculties. Established since 2004 and start operating in 2005 we have almost eight(8) years experience in education line. Line with experience top managements and support by capable 42 staffs and lecturers. Total student population is amount to 528 students with 50 international students. Among these 528 students we have around 311 active students still paying their tuition fees either by themselves or via PTPTN.

We need a total of MYR 1 mill only and this is for our operational cost for six(6) month from January 2013 until we receive PTPTN payment by June 2013 and also to pay Marketing commission. For information, our operational cost is MYR170,000 per month.

By June 2013 we will be receiving MYR800,000 and if the recruitment achieve their minimum target of 200 student by June intake. Then another MYR720,000 from PTPTN by September 2013. From September onwards, we are confident enough to gain profit and strengthen our financial standing.

As of now, XXX does not have the capital to run until July 2013. Therefore we looking for investors that willing to give us an immunity, so that we can reach there.

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