xxx Studios is a computer-generated (CG) animation film production house situated in the northern region of Malaysia. For the past few months, we have been working on a concept of developing a full flesh Stereoscopic 3D Animated feature film named “xxx”. Its a 93 Minutes full length Animated English movie.

We expect a high degree of profitability based on our business plan, as we will be focusing on broad market segment worldwide in the field of entertainment and coupled with the use of open source 3D technologies in this project, we are all out to set a new trend in this revolutionary industry. Our development team with their specialized knowledge in this field, our marketing strategy plus backing from GLC ( Government Linked Agencies ) such as KPERAK will be the cornerstone of our success

Total budget required for the development is USD 2.9mil. Together, the co-owners and GLC’s will fund USD1.05mil to meet the initial working capital requirements. We are currently pursuing for the remainder of finance on our project. The marketing strategy has been devised immensely for the proposed project, from product tagging to worldwide distribution. Investment offer ratio stands at 50:44:5:1, in respect to 50% for the Investor, 44% for Pixelbud Studios, 5% for Stakeholders & Advisors and 1% for the Project Development Team/Crew.