Date Founded: 25/9/05
No. of Employees: 6
Annual Sales: 500K
Total Funding Required: 200K-800K

Investor’s Knowledge & Experience Required: strategy, sale & marketing
Proposed Investor’s Involvement: full time, part-time, as mentor, as consultant, non-executive director
My Business Development Stage: early expansion
My Industry: tourism / hospitality
Brief Description: Executive Summary

Company Background and Principal Activities

xxxx Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia on the 25th September 2005. The authorised capital of the company is RM 100,000.00 ordinary shares of nominal value RM 1.00 each. The company presently has an issued and fully paid up capital of RM 100,000.00 comprising 100,000 ordinary shares of nominal value RM 1.00 each.

xxxx Sdn Bhd is a concierge and lifestyle management company, which provides exclusive concierge and lifestyle management services and customised programs to its discerning clients in Malaysia and beyond. We’re the pioneer of its kind of concierge and personal assistant service in Malaysia, that serves people who live beyond the dreams of others and wish to maximize their abundant life to the full.

xxxx Sdn Bhd draws on extensive local knowledge and experience to provide the utmost concierge services to its clients. xxxx Sdn Bhd has build a concierge team that consists of ex concierge staff from hotels and resorts.

At the beginning stage, xxxx started its business by providing:

1. Personal Concierge and Assistant
2. Corporate Concierge & Employee’s Benefits Program
3. Property Concierge Management and Front Desk Outsourcing Solution
4. Professional Butler and Concierge Training, exclusive representative of Magnums Butler International, Australia.

After spending some times on researching the local market, we found out that there is a great opportunity for us to explore since this is a niche market and has a plenty of chances to prosper.

xxxx Sdn Bhd has identified few industries that have a great potential to succeed:

Banking and Financial Industries
Medical Concierge for hospital and health care centre
Project management for new buildings such as hotel, resort, spa, commercial and residential building, shopping mall and many more.
Private Butler service for high profile clients, private event and party, golf industry, private jet and yacht industry.


Personal Concierge and Assistant
Finding it difficult to organise yourself nowadays? With the work demands, travelling down time and home commitments, many of us find that there is not enough time in a day. XXXX Sdn Bhd helps people managing their busy lifestyle and time so that they can focus on what matters the most for them. We provide the personal concierge service to the most which in the past is only for the rich.

Finding the balance between work & life will eventually benefit the individual, business and society when a person’s life is balanced and healthy.

xxxx Sdn Bhd’s concierge and lifestyle management programs can be tailored make to best suits its client’s specific requirements and needs.

Besides providing concierge services to its clients, it can be incorporate to others assistance such as vehicle break down assistance.

Some of our concierge services are as below:

Corporate Concierge & Employee’s Benefits Program

xxxx Sdn Bhd employee’s benefits program helps corporate to achieve:-

 Attract, acquire and retain top talent
 Position as the “Best Place to Work For” or “Best Employer”
 Focus on work priorities and increased commitment to the work
 Increased productivity and reduce absenteeism
 Increased the work place morale and motivation

Our employee’s benefits program is designed for high usage of the staff, so they can focus on their work and spend less time on personal chores.

Corporate concierge can be an onsite and virtual model. Onsite concierge will be staffed in the office and a virtual concierge team can be reach by phone, fax and email. A combination of these two can be customized to best suits the corporate needs.

Besides the employee’s benefits program, corporate can engage with our concierge services for:-

 Business meeting and conventions
 Fully customized luxury weekend get a way package
 Team and relationship building
 Corporate gift
 Exotic and luxury car rental and chauffeur service
 Private assistant and butler to the high level executive

Property Concierge Management and Front Desk Outsourcing Solution
Information and concierge counter outsourcing will be the main focus of xxxx Sdn Bhd in these coming years. xxxx Sdn Bhd would like to use its knowledge and experience to penetrate every building in town, no matter is a commercial building, residential buildings, hotels, shopping malls, universities & colleges, airports, and many more.

Our concierge team had underwent a professional butler and concierge training. The butler and concierge training is conducted by Magnums Butler International, Australia.

All of the concierge team is carefully selected and most of them have an extensive knowledge and experience in hospitality and marketing. They know very well the best way and manner to serve the people.

The rate of consumerism is increasing in our country and so does the demand for high-end goods and services. xxxx Sdn Bhd is proud to provide the butler and concierge solution to the properties in town.

Currently xxxx Sdn Bhd is running concierge counter in Menara HLA, Jalan Kia Peng and has build a good rapport with the tenants and is going to start its second concierge counter in HP Tower in Damansara. The concierge team in the building is providing our customized concierge service and ordinary guests reception service.

Butler and Concierge Training

xxxx Sdn Bhd is the exclusive Malaysia representative of Magnums Butler International, Australia.

Magnums Butler International is world leader in luxury butler service training offering professional & vocational programs for professional private butler, hotel butler and luxury yacht stewards and stewardesses.

Besides training, we also undertake to assess hotel butler and concierge and report on the findings to the management team of the hotel. If successful, butlers are awarded a lapel pin in recognition of their achievements, this is well favoured by hotel clients to monitor their butler and concierge service progress.

International clients and major hotels group who benefit from this training include:
– Ritz Carlton
– Shangri-La Valley Wing
– Shangri-La Academy, China
– St Regis: Four Seasons
– Burj Al Arab, Dubai
– Westin, Dubai
– Mandarin Oriental
– Oriental Bangkok
– Grand Hyatt
– The Royal Livingstone, Zambia
– And many

Private Butler Service

xxxx Sdn Bhd is on its way to executing its private butler service to the Malaysian market in the few months time.

The private butler can serve high profile individual clients, corporate, and can be cater for private party and event, it will be an awesome experience for the visitors to the event when they are professionally served by a butler from xxxx Sdn Bhd.

Our butler is professionally trained by Magnums Butler International, Australia.

Clients Loyalty Program
Corporate are working harder than ever to earn the customer’s loyalty on their products and services. To keep the clients happy and come back for the service and product again is very important as in this day, getting new clients is no an easy case.

With the concierge service and clients loyalty program that customized towards the needs of the corporate, we are creating a true connection and relationship between you and your clients.

Acquire customer:-

 Enhance the value of your product and service
 Differentiate through lifestyle enhancing benefits and services
 Elevate you brand to a “real life experience”
 Serve your clients anywhere and anytime, 24/7 and globally
 A better understanding of the clients

Earn loyalty and drive client retention

 Deliver an indispensable service tied to your company
 Impact your clients life with the purchase
 Interact more regularly with your clients

Concierge Service in Banking & Financial Industry

Bank and financial institutes are constantly upgrading their service to attract more and more clients. Concierge and lifestyle management service is one of the elite service that best serve the clients.

xxxx Sdn Bhd had been invited to participated in the concierge service provider selection in Asia to provide concierge service to its credit card and elite members by American Express, Singapore.

But unfortunately, xxxx Sdn Bhd was not selected due to reasons of insufficient working capital and manpower to provide concierge service to such a huge number of their card members, which cover the geographical areas of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and China.

Banking institutes that has private lounge and restaurants for their elite members, are also increasingly looking for concierge and butler services.

Medical Concierge

Malaysia can be the hub of medical services and treatments in Asia with it’s strategically geographical location. Its excellent medical services at reasonable price is another attraction.

Medical travellers from overseas are seeking more options and interaction when they choose which country and hospital to have medical treatment. A medical concierge will definitely be an ideal person to contact and help them and their family during the period. Medical concierge will assist the patient and their family once they arrived in Malaysia until the post-procedure management after they return to their country.

xxxx Sdn Bhd’s medical concierge model is very simple, we set up an integrated solution and partnership with variety of vendors and suppliers, such as airlines companies, travel agencies, hospitals and health care centres to provide the most cost effective and the best medical treatment in Malaysia.

Background of the management team

Executive Dircetor

Aged 31, a Bachelor Degree in Computing and Information System graduated from Sunway College, Malaysia. A multi-tasker holding multiple portfolios with more than 5 years business experience in sales & marketing in Malaysia.

He is the key man behind the curtain of business and marketing strategy planning as well as business development.

Lifestyle Manager

Aged 41, Highly experience and knowledge concierge. He spent almost 15 years of time in Malaysia as hotel concierge, before moved aboard to Singapore. In his 10 years time in Singapore, he gained a lot of ideas and experience as concierge.

He has built a good rapport and relationship with most of the hotel concierge in Malaysia and is the team leader when we have private party or event.

Concierge & Leisure Manager

Aged 42, has vast experience in F&B industry and worked as a concierge in several hotels in Malaysia. Spent years of his time in Jakarta, Indonesia to help its clients to set up a restaurant and worked as a consultant in Sales & Marketing for the restaurant. He is also responsible for restaurant’s cost management, implementation of “Point of Sales System”, inventory management, Human resource management, and provide training to the staff.

He has build a wide business network in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, especially in F&B industry.

Growth Plan

xxxx Sdn Bhd is seeking a financial investment range from RM 300,000.00 to RM 1,000,000.00.

The fund will be carefully deploy and use in marketing & advertising purpose to create an impact of the concierge service that we provided to the targeted markets and publics.

xxxx Sdn Bhd monitors and measures its human resource strategy very closely to ensure that the company will achieve profitability and sustainability in their concierge and lifestyle management industry in Malaysia and expands to other countries like Singapore, Thailand, China and Indonesia in the near future. Sending our concierge and butler for training will make sure our team has the up to date knowledge and idea in concierge and butler industry.

A call centre will be an ideal investment for xxxx Sdn Bhd because it will enhance it concierge business and provides a 24 hours contact solution to its clients.


The directors of xxxx Sdn Bhd strongly believe that the company would eventually be the leading concierge and lifestyle management company in Malaysia and expands to other countries in less than 3 years time.

As such, the company shall focus its attention to continuously provide the finest concierge service and products to its clients to meet the customers changing need and live their abundant life to an unrestricted and unconstrained level and thus, providing a solid financial returns.