Project Cost: RM3.5mil

Amount Invested : RM100,000

Amount Required : RM3.5mil

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time

Industry: manufacturing

Project Stage: concept


Company History:

We are partner of Two, with knowledge of management, finance and production engineering as well. We have years of experience in this industry.

Product / Service Description:

IBS concrete wall panel is well accepted in Singapore, it is also encouraged by Malaysia government to use this IBS to curb manpower shortage and to increase efficiency in construction industry. We believe the market is big to tap.

Business Opportunity:

This product is replacement for conventional cement sand bricks or blocks. The market is as big as bricks’ market which all construction project can use it.

Revenue Model:

Our target market is Singapore which is already familiar with IBS products. Second target will be Johor (Iskandar) which is currently booming and many projects is in the pipeline.

Management Team: Management consist of:

1. Qualified Accountant with 14 years experience in manufacturing sector and 5 years exposure of IBS products.
2. Engineer with 11 years in building industry as well as concrete manufacturing.

Current Status:

We are in start-up stage, pending potential investor to join.

Funding Milestone:

We need RM2mil to start up with machineries and factory building set up (by rent). Working capital for 4 months expected about RM1mil in stages.

Business Valuation: It depends on capital invested and subject to negotiation.

Expected Return On Investment: 25%

Investment Risk and Mitigation: Risk:

Slow down of property market may have impact on the business. We should not only focus on Malaysia market, but to enter Singapore market as well. Target on government project is helping to mitigate the risk as Prima home is now in progress.

Exit Strategies: Looking for potential buyer who are interested in this business.


James Liow (
Country : Malaysia