Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested none
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description We are a team of 4 people who are well versed in continental workshop business management and technical expertise. We have been running authorized service centers and we carry experiences more than 10 years each. Now, we are seeking for an investor to make our dreams come true in running our own business. We have great ideas to put into implementation in our business to generate great income besides providing outstanding service level for our group of customers. Looking at the continental car market out there, including the grey market cars, the opportunities are very open to be explored even further. With the expertise we have, it’s just the matter on how it’s being done to grab the market share.
Business Opportunity Our business opportunities are based on our customer contacts and database which we have from the dealerships we worked before. Besides that, we are also in car forums and car groups. We have contacts in BMW Club Malaysia, Alfa Romeo Club Malaysia, Porsche Club Malaysia, Volkswagen Club Malaysia and Audi Club Malaysia.
Revenue / Business Model Our revenue / business model are based on our charges to customers which are approximately with 30%-50% mark up on our cost price of parts we sell. Besides that, our labor sales are competitive enough in the market. Services are inclusive of normal maintenance services, major and minor repairs. We also provide air con repairs and performance tuning / upgrade.
Management Team The Management Team is consist of 1 person in overall management, which includes in purchasing of stocks and billing to customers. Another person will be also focusing in purchasing, promotions and customer management. The other 2 will be in workshop management which will be focusing on the services, repairs, tuning, test drives and QC. Employees will be added on a based on the business growth and there will be a dedicated person to manage the accounting section.
Company Background Date SSM registered : 29/12/2015
Basically, we have done all preparations to start the workshop, including the premise, diagnostic tools, special tools, hoists and oil company.
Pending for investor only.
Funding Milestone Amount of fund required : RM700,000.00
Proposed use of fund:
1. Building renovation : RM250,000.00
2. Rental : RM13,000.00 (Not inclusive of 2+1, initial deposit)
3. Hoist, Tools and Equipment : RM200,000.00
4. Initial fast moving stocks : RM100,000.00
% Equity Allocation 7% per annum on the invested amount
Expected ROI 7% per annum
Risks and Mitigation The calculated risks and mitigating factors are very minimal, as we are dealing with service products which are always salable. This is based on the customer database we have which are approximately about 12,000.
Exit Strategies The investor has the right to buy back 40% of the share and company after 36 months.
Which means the investor have full control of the company if the invested amount and interest are not payed within 36 months as the value of the company will be amounting to RM1M or more by the said time frame.
Company Name Weissach Motorsport Sdn Bhd
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5 years ago

Can please elaborate more on “Equity Allocation 7% per annum on the invested amount”? Thanks.