Project Cost: RM300,000

Amount Invested : none

Amount Required : RM300,000

Industry: restaurants / f&b, industry products

Project Stage: start-up

Executive Summary


The purpose of this business plan is to raise RM300,000 for the development of a bike café while showcasing the expected financials and operations over the next five years. CORSA can be described as a quick-service bike café that will have healthy food and beverages to customers in its targeted market.


CORSA is determined to become a daily necessity for healthy foods and beverages, a hangout place for the cycling community in Kuala Lumpur, a place to dream as you try to escape the daily stresses of life and just a comfortable cozy place to meet your friends and talks about bike, all in one. With the growing numbers of cyclists, CORSA shall capitalize on its close proximity to the urban KL’s city to build a core group of regular customers. The need for the existence of a bike café in the city of Kuala Lumpur is because there is no focal point for cyclist to hang out, meeting point and also supporting the city’s cycling community. With the existence of CORSA, it can solve these problems and besides that it can promote the bicycle as a transportation alternative. We believe in the next 5 years, Kuala Lumpur no longer able to accommodate the increasing number of vehicles. We believe that this will be beneficial for our business in the long run.


Our target markets are not only focusing on the cyclist community, but also some others potential customers, mainly foodies, to promote our business. Our target market shall be the people who live, work, cycle, study and visit in the city of Kuala Lumpur. As a bicycle friendly café, we also provides bicycle parking, basic tools and even bicycle related names for our products. We expect average 200 customers per day for the first year with an average expenditure of RM15 per customer.


According Café Hop KL (, there are 17 café in the city center area which most of them are offering serious coffee. Our advantages and differences will be the only bike café in the city center. We also will focus on tea product ranging from green tea to earl grey. However, we realize that it’s simply not enough because at the end, a good tasting foods and beverages, and great services will determine the success of our business. So our business operation’s principle shall be the best at everything from staffing to services, to ensure repeat business.


The owners (Rushdi, Azmir & Azrul) shall oversee all the café operations including managing the staff, ordering inventory, dealing with suppliers, developing a marketing strategy and perform other daily managerial duties. Three full-time baristas shall be in charge of all beverages preparation, working together with Rushdi and Azrul as a barista as well. Three full-time assistant chefs shall be in charge of the kitchen area, working together with Azmir as the head chef. Two part-time employees shall be hired to fulfill the staffing needs. In the second and third year of operation, additional permanent and part-timers employee shall be hired to handle the increased sales volume. Specifically, Rushdi will be managing the company’s financial, Azrul will be in charge in marketing and design, and Azmir will be full in charge of the kitchen operation from managing inventory to stock purchase.


Our revenue comes from daily business operation by selling proper Italian/French foods and fresh beverages. We target that our COGS shall be not more than 30% from our daily revenue. Expenses are including stock purchases, rental, loan repayment, salaries, advertising, marketing, promotion, utilities and other expenses like magazines etc. CORSA is expected to grow sales revenue from RM950,985 in 1st year to RM2,658,481 in 5th year (refer Table: Projected Profit & Loss). As business shall strive to maintain a 70% gross profit margin and reasonable operating expenses, it shall see net profits growth from RM132,609 to RM1,290,264 during the same period. From the business model’s building blocks (refer Table: Business Model) shows how our business creates, delivers and captures values.

MILESTONES Our upcoming goals are as below:

a. Company and business registration.
b. Accounting and legal.
c. Secured targeted location.
d. Renovation and interior design.
e. Equipment and fixtures.
f. Consultation and training.
g. Open for business.


Ahmad Rushdi (
Company Name: Pedal Malaya
Postal Address : A-5-27, 162 Residency, Selayang, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor
State : Selangor
Post Code : 68100
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0168302354
Website :
Mobile: 0168302354


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