• To offer diagnosis services to health institution and clinics.
• To develop products / test kits for rapid testing. Eg AH1N1 rapid testing kit


Government hospitals, private hospitals, clinics. These are health test. These tests normally is not available in Malaysia. Private institution tend to send it to Singapore, Australia. These technologies are not new, but the adoption is too slow in Malaysia due to various practices and red tapes. In some cases these test are critical for doctors to make a key decision in their treatment and prescription. Every test various in terms of price. It can start from RM 100 to RM 1500 or more


The Founder is a PhD holder and been worked in a research hospital in Malaysia for over 10 years. The founder is an early adoption in bio technology method and techniques in Malaysia. The Founder position as a scientist over these 10 years has contributed to the development of a various diagnosis services in her hospital. These services are not available anywhere except through her lab.

Co Founder 1 has 13 years of IT experience. Co Founder 1 has worked in multinational companies and designed enterprise level solution for the largest companies in the world. Co Founder 1 will manage this company while Founder will focus on product development

Co Founder 2 has 10 years of sales and distribution experience in retail products.

Co Founder 3 has 10 years experience in administration and operations work. Co Founder 3 has experience in business administration and human resource.


It is estimated RM 500,000 is required for office, lab setup and biotechnology machine purchase or loan. This fund will also be used for patent and trademark of the products developed from this lab.
This seed also includes 1 year running cost of the company.

However the goal of this company is to innovate new products and services. The company will be applying for BioNexus status with the new products to expand this company. The funding provided by the government in R&D for BioNexus company is Rm 5 million.


20 percent


Shares buy back or public listing


The wellness industry is the next economy wave and this investment opportunity is rare as the investor will be investing into highly specialized area with high barrier of entry ie : molecular science – in health care diagnosis. The medicinal sciences are looking at molecular level for various answers including cancers and cure. This is definitely a great opportunity to invest in.