Project Cost: RM2.5 million

Amount Invested : RM250K

Amount Required : RM2 million

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor

informatics / multimedia

Project Stage:
others (Early Prototype)


Company History:

Founder extensive experience in management, technology and leadership background as well as entrepreneurship. Fail to achieve greatness in earlier deployment and learn the lesson well to start a new evolutionary approach to new ideas. Which the project believe could take off after with funding; after a few rounds of validation by Gartner and PwC professionals engagement.

Product / Service Description:

We are building a platform to solve critical business problems and amplify a new approach to new digital journey experience for retailing, particularly premium mall. We will make environment to have single mesh wifi, harmonizing the existing environment with single wifi; thus enabling indoor navigation possible with close proximity engagement from end consumers to match retailers offering.

It will be a cloud, mobile apps and internet of things services where retailers, mall operators, brand owners, ad agencies, solution providers and end consumers are interacting and engage to match their greatest excitement not only in the physical mall but from the journey in/out to daily use. Accurate data path will allow businesses to make meaningful and holistic view of their day to day business operation; thus making important decision in the playing fields again and again. Retailing business finally can have the big and small data that transform their business in scientific ways by subscribing to the services.

Business Opportunity:

We are building a platform to match and businesses to end consumers. It is inevitable with smart mobile devices that consumers wanted to be empower in their purchasing journey with great experience. We are building and innovating a passage in enabling omnify environment in physical and digital space. It could be malls, public places, schools, industrial park, residential area, tourism sites etc one at a time.

Revenue Model:

The business span vertically in subscription services to horizontal turn key projects and distribution. All solutions eventually will be monthly subscription services.

Management Team:

We are collaborating with different team members in various location in different expertise now. Hannry will be the chief listener and leader to later expand manpower and talents into more structure way from different stages of the business to make sure investors fund are well guided with result oriented.

Current Status:

We are building early prototype to proof of concepts and make sure we mean what we pitch and further our roadmap to market. Fail early to know what is wrong and correct to move directly to market demand curve.

Funding Milestone: Milestone 1: angel inventors 150K + personal platform with current company to produce early prototype.

Milestone 2: corporate investors + VC 2 million to achieve full products and solutions within a year

Milestone 3: Commercialization with bigger VC to achieve full manpower and marketing team and channel partners in Malaysia and Asia

Milestone 4: M&A, remain private or listing stage

Business Valuation:

1 million for 10% equity share of the company ideally but all in the personal basis of negotiation

Expected Return On Investment:

Within 2 yrs will break even. Could grow 1000% exponentially if we have done it right with international partners.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Will share more insight and optimistic & scientific picture; when we are engaging with Gartner as our partner. Gartner could be our mentor, and many more in our join portfoio if this happen.

Exit Strategies:

Much need to be discuss caused in different stages, we will have different opportunities and risks.


Hannry Chan
Aeflex Technologies

Postal Address : 354 Jelutong Road
State : Penang
Post Code : 11600
Country : Malaysia
Website :


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