Dominican Republic Golf, Marina & Resort Project

Dominican Republic Golf, Marina & Resort Project


PUNTA ASIA will be a resort community aimed at attracting a very select clientele seen in world-renowned locations. Featuring stunning architecture, pedestrian villages created by the most talented designers, and offering unique commercial and residential features, Punta Asia is designed to become the ultimate Caribbean destination resort. It will be a true multiuse resort destination.

The development will cover an area of approximately 60,000 acres that includes 12.5 miles (21.8 kilometers) of coast line, approximately 2.8 kilometer of which is an exquisite natural beach. From the Asian-style Harbor Village to the colorful Fishermen’s Village, a network of pedestrian promenades around the Bay and a small funicular, will afford access to the Vista Village that will rise above the harbor. The uniqueness of PUNTA ASIA lies in part in its marvelous Bay Peninsulas and mangroves with their luxurious marina residences. Punta Asia will have over 10,000 real estate units ranging from condominiums to estates. Additionally, two magnificent ocean beaches will host attractive beach clubs, restaurants and four larger hotels with their luxury boutiques. Three major Signature golf courses will offer an attractive diversity to players.

In the middle of the Bay, the Boca de Yuma River will allow cruise ships to access the PUNTA ASIA Harbor. This 1.7 mile long River will also provide access to the International Gateway, next to a private airstrip with adjacent jet hangars. Here, state-of-the-art shipyards, dry docking facilities and several dozen super-yacht hangars will be situated, constituting the largest integrated facility on any Caribbean island between Fort Lauderdale and Caracas.

The project is to be developed over seven phases, each of which will include all of the necessary ingredients to reflect the nature of what the project will be:

. . A leading international yachting destination.
. . A Caribbean golf resort
. . A pedestrian oriented resort, featuring seven villages.
. . An international community for semi-permanent and permanent residents.

Market efforts, directed primarily to the upper-middle and upper classes, will be designed to maintain a steady demand throughout its lifetime. In order to ensure success, the overall concept and individual products are conceived to represent a one-of-a-kind opportunity, provoking a sense of urgency to the investor-purchaser

A key ingredient of the project’s success is the quality of its development team. Composed of an excellent mix of local and international professionals with proven success in their respective fields, they are led by Mr. Kharlos Paredes and the engineer Jim Orlando President of Dooley Mack Contractors as Project Developers.