Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description A platform(website) where provides a lot benefits to clients such as:-

– forum of discussion according to clients profession
– clients may promote their sales and services within clients
– clients may generate income
– clients can create a network of relationship

Business Opportunity Currently in the market many of people start up a business and end up in lost. This may occur mostly because of their lack of business relationship and wrong marketing style. In the platform we gonna provide, we will encourage them to do their own business by providing simple tutorial and customer database. In the end, they will end up helping each other with our guidance. The market will be huge as we will start at Malaysia, and move to Asian market and so on.
Revenue / Business Model The company revenue will be based on sales of online account annually. As for the existing clients will be given certain rebate for their sales. As for the revenue will be increase annually.
Management Team As for start planned management team:-

1 x Operational Manager
1 x Sales Executive
2 x Admin (Accounts and Documentations)

Company Background The business haven’t start up, as all the planning is ready to execute once receive fund to start up office. We didn’t start the sales as we want to do in a proper manner.
Funding Milestone Total fund require is RM 200,000
The fund will use for the following :-

– First year operational cost such as salary, office rental and promoting events and material
– To start up office
– To create the platform, which a website

% Equity Allocation 20% equity will be allocate if investor role only in funding, if investor would like to involve in operation of the company equity will be discuss.
Expected ROI RM 20,000 per month starting from second year of company operation, can be early if company gains profits earlier than expected
Risks and Mitigation As per my survey, no risk doing this business. Only risk of investment will be upon my death, where my insurance death benefit value of RM 300,000.
Exit Strategies Investor can exit whenever he like after receive return of investment, but i don’t think anyone will exit from getting income annually just by holding the equity.
Company Name VQ Megah Entreprise
Business Address No. 6, Jalan Selasih 13,
Contact Person Vicknes Raj A/L Subramaniam