Electrical contact cleaner BIOTECH seeking RM200K

Electrical contact cleaner BIOTECH seeking RM200K

Project Cost: RM200,000

Amount Invested : RM5000

Amount Required : RM200,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia
energy / natural resources
biotechnology / healthcare
industry products

Project Stage:


Company History:

*Greenevap Electronic Component Cleaner™ (ECC)* is a powerful liquid that can effectively rinse and clean inside of the electric components. ECC can be a solution for many difficult electronic cleaning problems that cannot be resolved with air-dusters alone. Best of all,* ECC can clean while the
electrical equipment is powered on and fully operational *. Because of its unique non-conductive property to electricity, rated up to 25,000 volts, it can clean and maintain anything that carries an electrical charge or current safely without the downtime involved in taking the equipment on and
off line. Greenevap ECC is a cleaning chemical that is 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe, non-toxic, and citrus scented. These properties allow ECC to be sprayed indoors even without ventilation, because it contains no harmful chemicals.

Product / Service Description:

My ideas was to expend to whole malaysia.its because of the product it self is for electrical porpose.and every country is using it.there is also some product that is similar to it but the special of this product is that it is 100% Green product. the name is GREEN/EVAP.it means the product is environmentally safe , and EVAP means evaporate.The bonus part of this product is that IT CAN BE USE WHILE ELECTRICITY STILL RUNNING.

Business Opportunity:

Theres alot of problem in every kind of business.The main thing about this product is advertisement.I manage to counter it by research how to advertise the product from television,facebook,lowyatforum,doing 1 on 1 interview about the product to some big company like sapura,Kereta api tanah melayu(KTM),lowyat building,and TNB malaysia.the feedback that we get is REALLY GOOD!

Revenue Model:

Firstly,we need money to import it,repacking,advertise and market the product to electrical services company.let them try the product themself.


Mohd Naqib Bin Ahmad ( naqibahmad.business@gmail.com)
Company Name: Greenevap malaysia SDN BHD
Postal Address : 160 Jalan I6 Taman Melawati
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 53100
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 03-41052333
Website : www.greenevap.com
Mobile: 012-3615576