Project Cost: RM200,000 – RM250,000

Amount Invested : 0

Amount Required : RM200K – RM250K

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management

Proposed Investor’s Role:
others (Sleeping partner)

informatics / multimedia
consumer goods

Project Stage: concept

Information Memorandum:


1.1 The Opportunity
Nowadays people find playing darts are more interesting than old days, It is all because in year 2009 Japan had successfully invented a brand new soft darts machine. In year 2011 Malaysia started to bring the very first soft darts machine carry out with a bar concept, since then, there are more and more peoples started to enjoy playing soft darts in stead of the old school darts (steel darts), the best part is even for ladies are irresistible from this soft darts machine. This is all because of the new soft darts machine are now fully automated with scoring system, interactive sound & animation with light effect, theme exchanging, data capturing and also come with an international online challenge system.

Thus,We at ZERO – 1 Darts would like to get rid of darts bar, bistro, pub, cafe or franchise way of doing business and I think having the same idea of doing business opportunity of increasing sales will be slim as too many competitor, more and more if franchising the business investment could be a lot and also very risky as it take long period to raise ROI. So, we had decided to bring in this ultimate soft darts machine with a whole new concept first to Malaysia and ZERO – 1 Darts can fulfil customer not only with the darts machine also offering variety of soft dart products to attract different market of target customers.

1.2 The Description of The Business
ZERO – 1 Darts concept is totally different with the concepts now doing in most darts bar, pub, bistro or cafe. We are operating with a whole new one-stop concept. customer are welcome to play or practice darts or even buy darts and darts accessories in our shop but we are not serving any alcoholic drink, no Irritability music and no smoky environment, this is because we would like customer to play or practice or buy products in a more comfortable scenes. Our products is consisting of 4 categories: darts machine (for play only) soft darts, darts accessories and general merchandise. The selling price of our products will be set with a reasonable price.

1.3 Competitive Advantage
Our shops provide one-stop experience for customer as our shop contain variety of products. Besides, we provide clear instructions to operate the soft darts machines and customer service is available once customer having any enquirers. We also having regular machine maintenance to guarantee our soft dart machines are in good condition. Moreover, we have created a first mover advantage in the industry as we are the first in Malaysia to offer the “REAL”one-stop experience for soft dart and related products in Sunway Pyramid Shopping mall and for sure shopping mall will bring us a phenomenal exposure.

1.4 The Target Market
Our target market is steel & soft dart customers, the nearby residents, secondary school & college students, shoppers and peoples who pass by the shopping mall. For example people who work in a big companies such as Sunway Group. Besides, we are also targeting youth and also Muslim customers, as for Muslim, they are fully forbidden to play or practice as all soft darts machine are set-up in non-halal environment and public always think darting is an adult activity that always can only be seen in bar, pub, bistro or cafe for a result youth are also being restricted, hence we are taking this opportunity to cultivate public darting can be in a good & healthy positioning.

1.5 The Management Team
ZERO – 1 Darts is formed by two members; Investor will be appointed as Managing Director to overlook the daily operation and we will appoint an Part Time Accountant to manage the company financial cash flow. Next, I will be appointed as Operation Manager to establish the core business strategy, control daily operation, supervise the security of the shop and also will be appointed as Sales and Marketing Manager to maintain customer services and responsible for sales and marketing. All board members in ZERO – 1 Darts have sufficient experience and skills in their field.

1.6 Brief Summary of The Financial Projections

Table 1.1: Summary of the Financial Projections in 3 Years

Year Sales (MYR) Profit (MYR)
2013 (June) 216, 000. 00 (134, 000. 00)
2014 561, 600. 00 67, 600. 00
2015 673, 920. 00 193, 920. 00
2016 (June) 370, 656. 00 70, 656. 00

We assume the business of ZERO – 1 Darts is making losses in the first year. The sales revenue are projected to growth 30% in second year and further 20% increase in the third year in contrast to the second year, and maintain a 10% steady growth of sales revenue for the future up coming years. ZERO – 1 Darts will continue grow in the first three years.

1.7 Description of What The Business Needs
Investor will have to contribute MYR200, 000. 00 – MYR250, 000. 00 as start-up capital in ZERO – 1 Darts and I will have a MYR30, 000. 00 of alternative liquidity equity capital from the contribution by Investor, so the total start-up capital will be from MYR200, 000. 00 – MYR250, 000. 00

1.8 Exit Strategy for Investors
For any investors who invest in our business, partnership agreement will be signed and it will become a reference for dissolve the business. Partners also can sell their share to other partner or on the other hand, they can buy their shares to other partner. Besides, ZERO – 1 Darts will also liquidate the business by sell out our business once we suffering from losses and unable to obtain break-even sales.

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