Export Credit Refinancing (Exim Bank)

Export Credit Refinancing (Exim Bank)

Export Credit Refinancing (ECR) provides an alternative short term pre- and post-shipment financing to direct/indirect exporters to promote export of manufactured products, agriculture products and primary commodities.

It is available to a manufacturer or trading company with ECR credit line duly established with any participating commercial bank.

The pre-shipment ECR facility facilitates the production of eligible goods for export prior to shipment and to encourage the backward linkages between exporters and local suppliers in industrial development. The post-shipment ECR facility bridges the funding requirement of exporter from shipment to receipt of payment of the export bill.

Pre-shipment ECR

Order-Based: Financing is against the export order received from overseas buyer or direct exporter. Up to 95% on value of export order. Up to a maximum of 120 days.

Certificate of Performance (CP): Financing is against certificate of performance (CP) issued by EXIM Bank. Up to 95% of ECR, DLC, ECR, DPO or LPO. 120 days rollover is allowed.

Post-Shipment ECR

Bill Discounting: Financing against export documents. Up to a maximum of 100% of export bill value. Subject to availability of ECR credit limit with the commercial bank and EXIM Bank’s administrative limit. Up to a maximum 183 days.