Ez way mobile

Ez way mobile

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM84,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description EZ WAY is an mobile application help people to find nearest vehicle service center and ren t. It was founded in Malaysia on 2016. EZ WAY make buyers to connect with sellers easily in short term period. This application direct users to the exact location by Navigate.
Business Opportunity How i solved?

Focus on gold and forget all negative approaches.
Strongly believe on my idea.

What problem i faced?

People not encourage me, i have idea at the same time lack of money. I don’t have partner to build with me so i grown alone.

How big is the the market?

Since the target market is teenagers to old people who own vehicles. Almost 100% of people who own mechanical shop and etc. It’s provide huge advantages to people in find their needs.

Revenue / Business Model Revenue:

Each company who agree with the terms and conditions have to pay Rm30/ month. So people can find nearby mechanical shop thru this. Their shop will be promote on first place if they willing to pay more.
Who who own 2-3 cars are can let rent thru this apps with the condition Rm30/month

Management Team Firstly, we provide customer needs up to dates. Income is equality separate to company saving and workers.
Company Background Company background: Was established in Ogos 2016 by Myself (Mr. Suriandran) to overcome vehicle users problem. Customer are always right and prevent cheap and best. Ez way helps customer to compare prices and find nearby vehicles. People own 2-3 cars and only 1 generate income by the way driving to work place. So they can rent it thru this apps to make the another two cars to generate income to owner.
We are still fresh in market. Starting to generate in come.
Funding Milestone Insufficient of cash to market this apps. Currently we need MYR100,000.00 to generate a market team for promote my apps. Will be return by 3 stages within 3 months from the date I receive. Marketing will be the best way to generate income in this apps. We still marketing this apps for thru Facebook, Instagram and ect.
% Equity Allocation We are willing to pay 10% from the income per year.
Expected ROI It will take 6 months to get the return and we willing to pay 10% per year.
Risks and Mitigation Losses may occur due to crushing. Currently, we have well worked on it
Exit Strategies On past few days few focused on our efforts explaining the benefits come thru this apps. Still new in market and can reach to millions people very soon at the same time it will generate income to our company
Company Name Ez way mobile
Website/Facebook http://www.mezway.com
Contact Person Suriandran