Fast food outlet at Cyberjaya

Fast food outlet at Cyberjaya

Project Cost: RM100,000

Amount Invested : 0

Amount Required : RM100,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor, as consultant

Industry: restaurants / f&b

Project Stage: concept, start-up


Company History:
The founder of the business is a mechanical engineer by profession and has 17 years of experience in project management in Pakistan in an ISO certified organisation.

Product / Service Description:
I plan to open a fast food chain, starting off from one outlet, stabilizing the business and paying off the loan in the first year, and then expanding with branches.
The fast food to be served will be five different sandwiches, five different burgers, five different pizzas, fresh salads and fresh juices.

Business Opportunity:
The market in cyberjaya, sri petaling, putrajaya has huge amount of students. The potential for fast food is great.

Revenue Model:

We plan to keep the food prices low, and earn profit by having greater sales volume. The ingredients used will all be procured from the local markets (pasar borong). No frozen item will be used. As all the items will be purchased from local markets, the risk of shortages will be minimised.

The menu will be kept to a small scale.

The outlet will be run on principals of ISO 22000:2005.

SOP’s will be made, so that with the change of staff, the quality and taste of food items remain the same.

All activity will be generated through POS systems.

All out efforts will be made to hire staff members who are either orphans or the disabled people (This will be a little effort from us to the society).

The initial start up will require more funds, but subsequently expansion will be cheaper, as there will be a centralized kitchen with expert chefs.
The branches will be provided semi ready food, so no expert chefs will be required at branches as well as very little machinery.

Management Team:
The project will be overseen by my self as CEO.
Two chefs will be hired, one for baking breads, buns and pizza doughs. The second chef will be working on the fillings, salads.

At a suitable time, a finance/audit expert will be hired to oversee the finances.

Current Status:
Shifted to malaysia a year back. A little investment made in two different areas, (details of which will be provided as a contract matures)

Funding Milestone:
The funding will be used to
1. Rent out a premise in cyberjaya
2. Purchase required kitchen machinery
3. Renovation of premises

Business Valuation: n/a

Expected Return On Investment:
1 st year: 50 % of principal amount as loan return plus 30% of principal as profit
2nd Year: 50 % of principal amount as loan return plus 30 % of principal as profit
3rd year: 40% of principal amount, or 30% of profit being generated.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:
There are two basic risks in a restaurant. The first is the specialist staff( ie chefs) If the chefs change, the taste changes. We will not be relying on the recepies of chefs. We will have our own recepies, which will be continuoasly improved. There will be standard operating procedures in place, so change of staff will not have any impact on food taste.
The second risk is consistency of quality of raw products. This impact will be minimized by purchasing only fresh products from the local market.

Exit Strategies:
After the first two years, the investor will have his investment returned with a profit of 30% p.a.
Third year will give him 40% of profit on his principal investment.
At this stage the investor will have the opportunity to either continue with 40% of his principal amount profit p.a. OR
Take over 10% of all sales outlets and continue to operate them as a franchisee, or take the 10% outlets and operate them in a manner he seems fit.


farooq (
Company Name: first bollywood services sdn bhd
Postal Address : 49G-G, Lingkaran cyberpoint barat, cyberjaya
State : selangor
Post Code : 63000
Country : Malaysia
Mobile: 016-2644161