Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM 200,000
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description The Majapahit Empire was a vast kingdom based on the island of Java from 1293 to around 1500.
The empire reached its peak of glory during the rule of Hayam Wuruk and his Prime Minister, Gajah
Mada, whose reign from 1350 to 1389 was marked by conquest which extended throughout a large
part of Southeast Asia. During its glory days, the Majapahit Empire stretched over the entire
present-day Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Sulu Archipelago, Philippines and East
Timor. It was one of the last major empires of the region and is considered to be the greatest and
most powerful empire in the history of Southeast Asia.
THE MAJAPAHIT Restaurant & Bar takes its inspiration from this mighty empire; its menu conquers
the vivid and distinct cuisines of Southeast Asia. Backed up by a full bar that serves the best
selection of beers, wines, whiskies and spirits, The Majapahit Restaurant & Bar is the perfect place
to wine, dine and savour it all.
Business Opportunity Since it’s debut in February 2018, The Majapahit @ Arcoris Mont Kiara has been the talk of the
town with its beautiful interior, great food and top-notch service. The Majapahit @ Arcoris has
successfully created its own league of restaurants & bar with its full house dinner service almost
every night. It has also been featured on many online and printed platforms.
One of the partners who will be in-charge of the food segment of the business is also the person
behind Ginger, arguably one of the longest lasting Thai restaurants in Malaysia. Ginger, which has
been around for more than 25 years is an award winning restaurant located at Central Market,
Kuala Lumpur.
The partners had also been the master franchisee and were responsible for bringing one of the
largest Indonesian restaurant chains into Malaysia. Bumbu Desa serves authentic Indonesian
Cuisine including Padang, Sunda and Malay oerings. The partners had successfully introduced
and operated Bumbu Desa in several locations including Suria KLCC and KLIA2.
With the experiences and expertise, The Majapahit will have the great combination of both Thai
and Indonesian cuisine, with a full bar oering wide variety of beverages and a good selection of
Revenue / Business Model Asian food operators in Genting Highlands, specifically at SkyAvenue, have been doing
exceptionally well, in fact, it is widely known that the outlets at SkyAvenue are usually their best
performing (within their respective groups) for most of the established brands that are operating
there. The positioning specifically for this location is crucial. Because of the importance of Chinese
tourist market in Genting, we propose to feature a Chinese name for The Majapahit, called ‘东南皇朝’
(translated to mean ‘Southeast Asian Dysnasty’). This is to further attract big number of Chinese
tourists in Genting Highlands to try the food of this region since they are traveling here in this
region. It is also important to note that there is no Indonesian restaurant and limited Thai
restaurants in the entire vicinity of Genting Highlands. Because of the strong brand recognition
created by The Majapahit in KL, the Genting location will also be able to attract the business from
domestic tourists.

Not only is SkyAvenue located in the heart of Genting Highlands with its own cable car station
located on the 4th floor, it has became the latest hype of Genting Highlands with the size of
390,000 sq ft housing over 165 retail lots, restaurants and cinema. The visibility of The Majapahit
lot, facing the eventual main entrance of the upcoming 20th Fox World theme park, is also
undoubtedly prime and will be able to capture a lot of impulse dining.

The partners and the management team of GreatFUN have been in the F&B industry for decades. Mr.
Ray Nadaraja, one of the three main partners is the person behind one of the oldest and most
successful Thai restaurant and several other successful F&B concepts; Mr. Siswanto, the other partner
who has been responsible for many pioneering concepts which had became household names such
as Quattro, The Sanctuary, The Opera and The Library just to name a few; and Mr. Danny Lee, an F&B
professional turned entrepreneur, has a proven track record of almost 30 years working with
American franchises (Popeye’s, Papa Johns, California Pizza Kitchen, etc.) and has managed more
than 250 outlets from Americas to Asia.
Two of the partners were also the founders of AUM Hospitality (AUMH), which was one of the largest
F&B group in Malaysia with brands such as Johnny Rockets, Quiznos, Franco, The Library Coee Bar,
Providence, Vertigo, The Geoventure, Rootz and many more under its wing. Due to the success of the
group, Parkson Holdings Berhad took a majority stake of AUMH in 2014 and when their service
contracts expired, the team divested the balance of the shares in the group to Parkson.
The partners then started The Great Fundamentals Sdn Bhd (GreatFUN) in 2017. In about a year, it has
quickly become a serious player in the industry with the wildly successful Fuze in operation; and it has
also since secured Wingstop’s master franchise rights for Malaysia and opened 2 outlets within 6
months period. With the latest success of The Majapahit @ Arcoris, GreatFUN has proven to be on the
right track to success.
Company Background Will only share with keen investors.
Funding Milestone 30% Upon Letter of Offer
50% Upon starting of renovation Works
20% Upon Completion of project
% Equity Allocation Will present to keen Investors
Expected ROI Will present to keen Investors
Risks and Mitigation LONG TERM BUSINESS
As aforementioned, the primary goal of The Majapahit is to make it a long term and sustainable
business for, literally, decades. The fact that original Souled Out in Hartamas and The Social in
Bangsar Baru, have been in business for more than 20 years and 17 years respectively, is enviable.
By having the most senior people in the management team to run this brand, it will further
increase the likelihood of success.
Exit Strategies EXIT PLAN
It is important not to have emotional attachment to any business. There is always a price for
anything. So if the right opportunity comes along, The Majapahit brand should always be available
for a trade sale or to be packaged together for a corporate exercise. As part of the GreatFUN
group, it could also be possible that The Majapahit will tag along if any major corporate exercise
(whether IPO or otherwise) were to happen. Again, it is good to note that both The Library and
The Geoventure were both packaged with the AUM Hospitality (AUMH) sale to the Parkson Group
and then later on, both brands were sold by AUMH to Connexion Group (The Beer Factory).
Company Name GreatFun Lifestyle
Business Address Lot No. G8, G9 & G10, Ground Level, Arcoris Mont’ Kiara, No. 10, Jalan Kiara, Mont’ Kiara (6.57 km) 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Person Adrian Loh
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