Feedback from Investors

Feedback from Investors

Investors are drowning in “normal” deal flow, deals which look good but not great. They want to find the anomalies and things which are an excellent fit for them.┬áHere are some takeaways on why less is not only more but all that matters in some cases:

1) Your one-pager is more important than your pitch deck because without it being excellent nobody will open the pitch deck. If you believe that, then it goes in line that the one-liner on your offering is more important than the one-pager or nobody will be enticed to take your call or meet with you, or open your attachments. The final stage of this logic is in the branding/positioning – if you can create a brand position that on its own attracts clients to you because of your unique focus and offering, that is the most powerful place to start.

2) We hear from 400 investors a year on our stage at our investor summits and they consistently say that someone approaching them has 15 seconds, or about one sentence to get their attention or they move on. This is why your one-liner on why you offer a unique solution is so critical, and why it should be created with care, twaeked and improved over 30 times before being used in the marketplace.

3) They also, for the most part, appreciate 1 pagers on the offering before they look through a 22 page or 40+ page pitch deck. They want to know in just a minute or two if the offering is real, credible, a serious venture, relevant, and unique enough from the flow of normal deals they get pinged with daily. They do not want to flip through 27 slides to figure that out on a high level.

by The Family Office Club.


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