Project Cost: RM 47,500

Amount Invested : RM 19,000

Amount Required : RM 28,500

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management

Proposed Investor’s Role: others (PASSIVE)


Project Stage: second stage expansion


I am Gugen from North. I am an ex-lecturer, currently turned agroprenuer and running an agriculture academy called ANB AGROTRAINERS.I am working on 2 acres of land and growing 14000 plants of chilly,conducting training and as well as creating by products of chilly. I am the sole owner of the company and I have team of 2 managers and 11 staffs. Currently I see bright prospect for expansion and franchise. I am seeking investors to work with and willing to share reasonable ROI.

Company History:

Been expanding since 2010. Lot of trial and error initially, now gaining momentum in growth

Product / Service Description:

My idea is to grow my own agriculture produce (which I am doing now) and expand to produce my agriculture by products.

Business Opportunity:

The market for chillies is vast locally and at international level. I would like to tap into this growing market. First step, I had the need to improvise my produce, I did that by years of trials and now manage to have my sustainable business model.

Revenue Model:

I currently make money by selling my produce directly to market. With a little help I can go further to work on sustainable expansion.

Management Team:

I have a solid management team, consisting of me, my 2 managers and 11 staffs.We consist of Indian,Chinese and Malays. All of them are trained in fertigation farming, and 3 of us, including me, have been trained by expert trainers in this field. Also certified.

Current Status:

I am 4 years in this field. I have made investment worth RM35000 before and made ROI of 45% from it. Now expanding and seeking some good investors to participate and gain from my growth too.

Funding Milestone:

The funding will be used to achieve targeted agriculture produce. I am prepared to sign up a CONTRACT FARMING paper, in which I will be the vendor for the investor.

Business Valuation:

I need to discuss on this.

Expected Return On Investment:

Projected ROI is 45% in 8 months (1 full harvest), I am willing to take 15% and the investor can take his/her 30%

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

I don’t see any risk here. Weather might be a problem at times but sustainable with apt management of crops.

Exit Strategies:

The investor can stay on for minimum of 8 months. I would prefer if the time frame is at least extended to 1 year 6 months minimum, enough for me to complete 2 harvest.


Guru (
Company Name: Anb AgroTrainers
Postal Address : Kulim, Kedah
State : Kedah
Post Code : 09600
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0164620821
Mobile: 0164620821


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