Seek investor’s to build a Filling LPG Plant (SPPBE) at South Kalimantan and Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Indonesian biggest Gas & Oil Company already convert the kerosene fuel to LPG, they need more 100 plants at East Indonesia. Each plants need US$ 2 million.

The Indonesian Government was to convert from kerosene to LPG wich is more environmentally friendly and more efficient. Distribution of the conversion has been done in accordance with the map below.

Use the number of LPG will be very high, especially in densely populated areas such as provincial capitals and district capitals throughout the territory of Indonesia.

3 kg LPG tubes one of the commodities that are subsidized by the government so that the whole community will use it , which as foodstalls, restaurant, household consumption and others.

PT Pertamina leaving the management/development SPPBE to private/foundation/cooperatives that wish to cooperate in the provision of sufficient LPG to meet needs of users/consumers all over Indonesia.

South Kalimantan has a number of high population density is one of the cities in the distric Pelahari Banjarbaru that in fact the use of LPG is High.

Business Plan

PT Pertamina policy give the permit for SPPBE in 1 district [Kabupaten] max. 2 unit. Opportunity is still wide open for establishment SPPBE outside Java Island. LPG Filling Business one profitable business in Indonesia especially eastern Indonesia that is still a little plant that gets SPPBE and operating permits.

The use of LPG as well as highly efficient and environmentally friendly than using kerosene and get subsidies from the government. By having a lot of charging stations will increase the gain and will get ease licensing oh PT Pertamina.

With the resources and experience that we have as a kerosene dealer for 12 years prior to the conversion and development consultant SPPBE, we strongly believe and trust can provide benefits and return capital to our investor with less than 10 years.

Term loan :
Loans = Rp. 20 Billion
Interest Rate = 12 % pa.
Duration = 8 Years
Installment per month = Rp. 318,353,496.49
Grace period = 12 months
Collateral = Funded Project
Bankers = PT Bank BJB Cilegon Branch
Insurance = PT Jasa Asuransi Indonesia [JASINDO]

Contact for more info.

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