Project Cost: USD 35,000

Amount Invested : N/A

Amount Required : USD 35,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor, as consultant

Industry: informatics / multimedia, internet, telecommunications

Project Stage: seed


Company History:

We are group of people in the mid 20s with different skill set(consists of developer, designer, business) who currently developing an mobile application for global market.

Product / Service Description:

FAA is an mobile application to help connecting first aiders and victim to provide essential aid before the medical team arrive on scene. During emergency(earthquake, tsunami, tornado), mainstream medical team will not be able to reach everyone due to the traffic condition and etc. There are many first aiders(with certificate) and medical degree/diploma holder who are just around the victim but they dont know each other. The app has 2 buttons(I need help/i can help) for user during an emergency. For victim, just press I need help and your location will be broadcast and notify to those people who can help(first aiders around you). By having this application, more life can be saved during an emergency.

Business Opportunity:

The problem we solve is the victim can get essential help during an emergency due to the mainstream medical team will not be able to reach them on time. However, first aid is so essential that would keep them alive before sending them to the hospital or etc. Our market are those countries has potential of disaster happening, which cover almost 50% of the globe. Our target market is currently at New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

Revenue Model:

We are selling the app for USD0.99 and most people need help during an emergency. We have validated our solution with first aid provider(St.John, Red Cross, etc), they are very happy to be our partner. On the other hand, we have talked to the public about that, they are willing to pay for our service. Getting first aid help from those who have medical qualification during an emergency is very important for them.

Management Team:

We have 1 designer and 2 developers working on developing the application, me and another one are responsible for the business aspect of this organization. Our service being feature on the local newspaper earlier this week and we have a good respond from the public.

Current Status:

We are in the stage of developing this application, and we need some seed funding to keep going, to test the market in other countries such as Japan and Australia. We just starting this up 2 weeks ago and we are in the early progress in approaching to angel investor to raise seed fund for our startup.

Funding Milestone:

The fund will be use to developing the application and test it; and also for the normal expense for the business development(marketing, operation, etc). We will heading the Japan/Australia and talk to some potential partners in those countries before we launch it.

Business Valuation: To be discuss/negotiate

Expected Return On Investment:

Our application are projecting(conservative projection) a USD50,000 for the first year which equal to 50,000 app purchase. Hence, the break even will occur within 12 months after the app launch to the market.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

The only risk is that we wont be able to sell our app, however, we have run a market test and more than 75% of the survey result indicate that they want this app.

Exit Strategies:

We are willing to buy back the share we allocated for the investor after a period of time.
This app may acquire by other organization and we will allocated the revenue for investor.


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