Project Cost: RM1.6 mil

Amount Invested : 0

Amount Required : RM1.6 mil

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

Industry: others (Fitness )

Project Stage:


Company History:

I am Sebastian Kirsch and I am a Malaysian who grew up and lives in Germany. Doing Fitness for allmost 10 years now, I wanted to go to a Gym in JB while I was visting my family last year. I discovered that is not easy to find a good gym for a reasonable price in JB. Since then I am developing the idea to open a real good Gym for a low price in JB. Currently i am student at the University of Bonn. I worked as a fitness trainer myself for 3 years.

Product / Service Description:

Basically I want to open a Gym where people can have a top workout on HQ machines for a low price. My concept is based on the concept of the most successful german fitness company McFit, which has more than 1 Million members. I want to change the concept a bit suitable for the Malaysian market. The Focus will be on Fitness not on wellness. The Target group is the ordinary working Malaysian from 15-35. The Gym will appear like a big high class gym just without a Sauna, Swimming pool etc.


Sebastian Shamsudin Kirsch (

Company Name: FitMas
Postal Address : Kaiserstr. 57
State : Nordrhein Westphalia
Post Code : 53113 Bonn
Country : Germany
Telephone : +49176 61359551
Website :
Mobile: +49176 61359551