Asking Price: RM2mil

2015 Revenue: RM2mil

Have have invested about RM1.5Mil over the 5 years, RM1Mil from personal funding, working capital and RM500K is via bank injection.

This is consider at very low price already, we have spent over 6 years developing this business and we have done a lot of R&D for tall palm too.

Tall palm is key problems to the industry and our solution will be a key solution in the coming years once Oil Palm price is a bit higher.

We are collaborating with Canadian engineer for Tall Palm and have tested the product for the past 3 years.

This business has potential to go global in a big scale. Besides solving labours issues in Oil Palm, Date Palm Pruning in the Middle East, Coconut pruning, Palm Wax trees in Brazil for Food Coating.

So far half of product sold global however at small scale due to our financial constraint we only sell online, we exported to Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Colombia and Peru.

We are looking for new owner who has the capacity to go global with the products to serve Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, South America (Colombia, Peru, Brazil) and Africa (Nigeria, Ghana), India all this are the potential customers.

We foresee the business is too big for a small company like us to capture the market, might as well we will let go to more capable company in terms of marketing, distribution and production.

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