Submit your proposal, let us showcase to multiple investors and financiers – creating a competitive environment so that you can pick the best offer.

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1: Entrepreneur submit investment proposal / funding request online – click here

Step 2: Upon receiving the funding request, Capital Team will assess and make suggestions, if any, about the “fundability” of your proposal and match it with our member-investors database.

Step 3: We will then email executive summary of your funding request to the relevant investors and display a synopsis of the proposal on our website for maximum exposure (with or without your company identity as per your instruction).

Step 4: If the Investor likes you proposal, he or she will then contacts you directly to discuss further or notify us their interest, which we will notify you.

Step 5: Thereafter, both parties provide CAPITAL with confidential feedback so that we can monitor progress. The feedback also assists us to match files more closely.

In addition, we also link you to various funding options you might be eligible including government financing scheme / grants / loans / JV partners / venture capital / private equity / IPO (initial public offering) domestically and internationally.

We will continue working with your files to investigate possible matches and funding sources until you have found the investor you want or have decided to stop your capital search.

Are You Ready?

Below is CAPITAL’s 13 point check list that will help you to decide whether you are ready for investor’s money:

1. Management team: Is your team experienced, driven, coachable, and willing to cede some control and decision-making authority to take advice from outside investors?

2. Target customer: Do you have an identifiable market segment? Is there a demonstrable and significant demand for your proposed product/solution?

3. Market size: Are the projected revenues large and growing? Has your company high growth potential?

4. Competition: Have you identified potential competitors? Do you understand your company’s differentiation points?

5. Technology: Have you proven the concept behind your product or technology? Can this be confirmed with data or by objective experts? Have you built a comprehensive business plan to commercialise the technology?

6. Protected intellectual property: Have you protected your intellectual property?

7. Sales strategy: Do you have a plan to achieve widespread market penetration for your products and services? Will you create an internal, direct sales team, or will you rely on external channel partners?

8. Profit potential: Can you demonstrate how high margins and consistent cash flow growth will be achieved?

9. Funding needs: Do you require funds to finance growth activities, including product development, recruiting key staff, launching sales and marketing activity?

10. Financial projections: Have you developed reasonable financial projections – including an income statement, cash flow and balance sheet and supporting spreadsheets – based on logical, realistic assumptions?

11. Exit strategy: Do you have a clear exit strategy that will enable angel investors to generate a return of at least ten times their initial investment within five to seven years?

12. Business Plan: Have you developed a comprehensive business plan that articulates your key business strategies for how you will grow your venture?

13. Pre-money Valuation: Do you know how much is your business worth? How you derive at that figure? Is your valuation fit within an Investor’s risk/return expectations for the investment?

Our Fees

The Entrepreneur – Investor online matching services is free of charge to both Entrepreneur and Investor. We only talk about fees if you opt for our Capital Advisory Services when submitting your investment proposal.

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