Fruit-based products (juice, pickles)

Fruit-based products (juice, pickles)


This conception is an initiation by three visionaries of highly experienced individuals in the field of manufacturing, administration and marketing in FMCG food industry.

Their profiles had been appended in the Appendix 1 (Page I) for your reference.

Our project focus is on manufacturing and selling food products and the examples of food that we are looking into are juices, pickles, chili based products and many more. This venture involves many phases and facets. Firstly, it implicates the variability of products and then it focuses on the expansion of the operations.

We will engage with variety range of products but initially to start with and for the next two to three years, a company will be set up and, the focus is on the fruit based juices and a local delight The Rose Syrup. We shall produce and sell them primarily to local and Middle Eastern markets. Subsequently, we will enter each market steadily along the way.

This plan has been developed and engineered solely, for the juice business and it shall initiate the beginning of a new food conglomerate in the local and the world market. The ideas, calculations and strategies that been laid in these papers are comprehensively based on experiences and carefully formulated. Therefore, the accuracy of the data is reliable and achievable.

Though, in some areas of the calculations in the plan would be ostensibly quite prudent and will not be reflecting the actual intended plan due to the highly unforeseeable subjectivity of that particular data of the project. Examples of such data are the product sales mix, tariff rates and FOREX.

Nevertheless, the inclusion of such data is an appropriate necessity for comparisons. The idea is neither to deviate nor levitate, but to maintain the precision of the accuracy as much as it can. Such data will be highlighted and addressed with practical justifications.

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