Total Funding Required: RM50,000 (ROI is expected within 24 months.)
Date Founded: JANUARY 2010

No. of Employees: 3

Annual Sales: N/A

Investor’s Knowledge & Experience Required: general management, sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Involvement: as mentor; as consultan

My Business Development Stage: start-up

My Industry: informatics / multimedia; internet; telecommunication.

Brief Description:

To set-up a One Stop Telecommunications Outlet, providing services for all TelCo Voice / Data Registrations in particular Broadband related services catering for both Consumer and SME / SMI sector.

This outlet will also act as a one stop broadband related hardware service centre at the same time a centre for all utilities bill payment, roadtax insurance renewal and prepaid reload.

The location of the business is set up in the Town of Taiping, Perak. Under the Municipal border, the town has got a population of 267,000 people and divided into 5 major areas, which is :-

* Taiping (4,038 Housing Units)
* Kamunting (6,286 Housing Units)
* Assam Kumbang (4,498 Housing Units)
* Tupai (2,673 Housing Units)
* Simpang (7,591 Housing Units)

The major industrial areas is situated in :-
* Kamunting (Small & Medium Industries)
* Tupai (Light Industrial Area)
* Kg.Boyan (Light Industrial Area)
* Simpang (Services Industries)
* Pengkalan Aor (Services Industries)
* Jalan Matang (Light Industrial Area)

The Target Market is as follows :-

A. Household

There are a total number of 25,086 (and counting) housing units in Taiping. Till todate there are approximately 3.800 (15%) broadband subscribers. Key criteria for wired broadband subscription is the availability of fixed DEL (Direct Exchange Line). There are currently about 10,000 DEL’s serving housing areas in this district.

B. Companies & Industries

The SMI & SME market is a huge market to tap into as one single
company can (and will eventually) apply for a host of services which results in multiple income from the same customer. There are approximately about 2000 broadband subscribers. There are
currently about 28,000 DEL’s serving businesses in this district.

C. Student

The student market is an ever recurring market as there are multiple intakes throughout the year depending on the college. The main target product for this market will be wireless broadband as students are constantly on the move. There are approximately 3500 students in the 3 Major colleges in Taiping