Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM 50,000
Funding Required RM3,000,001 to RM4,000,000
Description Gaias Homes deveolped an innovative, easy, affordable and reliable way of building infrastructure. Industrial, Residental, Schools, Hospitals – there is no limit. Our initial capacity will lay around 55.000 square feet of buildings per month and will triple in the second year. Recycling waste into cheap infrastructure our Business opens a new market in the Real Estate Field and offers a new way of important waste recycling – closing the resource cycle. We will be able to build infrastructure 30 times faster and some building related costs will be reduced to up to 90%. The Material consists of waste plastic which gives the Bricks their ability of longelivity and mineralis that give the Bricks a strength higher than cement.

Our online appearance went online 2 months ago and we got accepted well by the market and community. We had to stop our social media & Marketing efforts due to the massive attention. We were unable to handle all the requests via mail and decided to stop our Marketing Campaign before it started, since we do not have a ready product yet. We received inquries from Africa, North & South America and orders in India for small, middle and big scaled projects. A similar product is on the market in South America and makes very good progress. We have successful started the patenting process and finished the Trademarking process.

– Manufacturers for Machinery in place
– Prototype ready
– State of the Art Equipment
– competetive product
– Industrial Area in place
– First Sales after 5 Months of received funding
– Exit after 12 months possible
– Private, Industrial and Governmental project requests
– Expanding facilities after 3 months possible
– 60% to 72% Profit Margin

Business Opportunity The market accepts our Product well, every Dollar invested into a short testing span of one weeks advertising we turned into an order worth approx. $6000. We have commitments for the first produced houses, also the local Indian governments, as well foreign governments have shown interest into our technology. Recycling plastic waste gives us an immense edge since the awareness for the growing waste management problems grows rapidly. We received requests for ~10 Acres of building in the first month, requests for builiding a healthcare headquarter, schools and a hospital show clearly the high demand for our Prestige worthy product.
Revenue / Business Model The growing waste management and housing crises, as well as the innovative Idea of the utilization of plastics in the construction sector, combined with increased consumer awareness surrounding solid waste recycling, has led to our innovative business plan of combining free resources with a high demand of a cheap high quality product. Gaias Homes will capitalize on the opportunities in the recycled resin markets through three divisions:

– a Recycling Division, a Manufacturing Division and a Construction Division.

Recycling & Manufacturing Division:

The Company will create at the beginning one plastic waste refining plant. The initial annual capacity will be 11,000 tons in total, and it will utilize post-consumer Plastic, and other solid plastic waste feed stock. The Company will be vertically integrated, and use all of its recycled material in its Manufacturing Division. The extruded Eco Bricks will be sold to customers outside of the company.

The Company currently has commitments available from customers to purchase the first products produced.

Construction Division:

The construction division will set up certain houses sold by us, since we offer house packages on our Website in which we will also offer a full service construction package. We will either employ a own set of construction workers and engineers or outsource this job to construction companies to do this duty. Initial capacity will be 100+ houses a month. We will also sell the Building Material to contractors and individuals, with detailed construction manuals in form of online videos and in paper form. With an average minimum profit of 3000$ per house this is a profit span of 300,000$ per month.

We will keep the full construction packages high priced to sell our Product mainly to contractors and the government and NGO’s who will make use of them for their own projects.

Building a one family house will take an average of five days, most likely even shorter. If 100% of our sold houses are sold within the “full construction package” we will have the need for 20 construction Teams in the first year, each consisting out of 1 Engineer and 3-5 unskilled workers.


After a four month start-up period to build the recycling and manufacturing facilities, buying equipment, and incorporate the business, we will begin a quick turnaround of product.

Sales will begin immediately, and with over $7.8 Million in possible sales in the first twelve months after production start, we will be able to see a first year net profit of $3+ Million. The owners are creating the necessary infrastructure, Website, Customer Base, Research and Development – and invest $25,000.

The Company is seeking an investment of $605,000 in order to begin operations. These funds will be particularly used for the purchase of Sand drying machines and three manufacturing lines, for the set up of the plant facilities as well for working capital. An outside investor providing this amount would receive a 10% – 20% equity of the company in form of issued shares. (share allocation) – Or if Co Founder and Investor are the same person, 50% equity and Director of the company.

Further details can be found in the provisional Financial Plan which bases on the assumption that we can triple our production and infrastructure every year. The only limitations regarding this are the limits given by the manufacturers of the needed manufacturing lines, that exist in China and Europe.

Management Team MANAGEMENT

Steven Bo Rausch, CEO, has a 7-year history of experience encompassing all aspects of Recycling, Sustainable management, Plastic and Paper Conversion Methods, and Start-up Development.

Steven was Papermaker in the worlds biggest Paper Company (SCA) and learned in his 5years employment in Germany through exchange programs in different facilities everything about sustainability, water management / treatment, recycling, energy management, electrical and mechanical engineering and sustainable resource management.

His time spent as Entrepreneur in Germany before he started his journey around the world, discovering innovative solutions, left him working with the Director of Greenpeace, Assistants of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and taught him all necessary knowledge to survive in the Startup world.

Company Background The company was found in India, but through a lack of governmental regulations and the massive amount of corruption we were forced out of India. The company in India is dissolving. We are holding patent, Website and Trademark still in our hands.

– Company needs to be founded again in the desired country

Funding Milestone Our start-up expenses are budgeted at $605,000, which is mainly for the manufacturing plant itself, equipment like manufacturing lines, Trucks and other necessary equipment. $5,000 has been set aside for legal and accounting, $5,000 for special consulting that may be required during start up and $20,000 for local engineering, $25,000 for rent for the first 6 months. $15,000 has been set aside as a contingency for the start up period.
Our largest Start-up Requirement is the machinery of the first recycling and extrusion facilities. We need $300,000 in machinery, car-park and fixtures, $75,000 of inventory (plastic and rubber feed stock), 35,000$ in tools and other inventory and 100.000$ cash to cover us through the initial year.
% Equity Allocation 10% – 50% depending on the role the investor choses
Expected ROI 100% – 2000%
Risks and Mitigation 4.3.1 Barriers to Entry

Limited Supply of raw material

Recycled plastics are in high demand, and demand is currently over supplied. The prices for our main resource are acceptable and we will be able to buy recycled plastic granulate and raw plastics from other recycling companies until our recycling structure is implemented and supplies a constant and stable resource input.
We are also aware that we have the option to use a certain foreign plastic supply free of charge.

Firm contracts for supply and sales.

We are optimistic that Gaias Homes niche role, social engagement and crisis solution concepts will allow us to secure contracts for both – supply of plastic waste stock and sale of finished goods.

Hauling plastic materials, minerals and our end product can be expensive. We will maintain a small Truck-park and outsource the main load to cheap but reliable partners to manage the resource maintaining process and the delivery of our product. One of our intentions is to keep the plastic transportation as effective as possible by shredding the raw material before transporting it into our manufacturing plant.

4.3.2 Competition and Buying Patterns

There is a strong demand for our products. Traditional buying patterns in this industry are based on quality, price, reputation of manufacturer, freight costs and delivery times. Buying patterns are often more influenced by availability. After starting the production, building the first houses, finishing the first contracts for satisfied customers and creating the first professional advertising campaigns showing children, families and elders building their own homes in a happy and fast manner – we will win ground and popularity from day to day.

4.3.3 Main Competitors

Currently in Asia, there are several direct competitors for our Product but no one has an positive side effect on the environment. Our Houses are superior in quality, price, building time and eco friendliness.. Our Speed/Cost/Quality correlation is definitely the most competitive on the local market.
5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

Gaias Homes will utilize strong industry-wide relationships to obtain significant contracts for its production. Some business will be obtained directly by Management, while some amount of product will be sold by sales agents.

These industry-wide relationships will also provide the Company the ability to secure contracts for the supply of its raw material at competitive pricing.

Exit Strategies 7.8 Exit strategy

Liquidation Preference

The Investors are entitled to a liquidation preference and shall have a preference over all the other shareholders of the Company. The liquidation preference shall be higher of :
(i) An amount equal to 100% of the investment amount and any unpaid cumulative dividend of 15% p a; or (ii) the Investors shall participate in the proceeds in proportion to their shareholding.

The Liquidation Preference shall be due upon a Liquidation Event. A “Liquidation Event” shall mean any liquidation, dissolution or winding up of the Company or the departure of 1 or more Founders before the second anniversary of the 1st closing as well as a merger, acquisition, change of control, consolidation, or other transaction or series of transactions in which the Company’s shareholders prior to such transaction or transactions will not retain a majority of the voting power of the surviving entity, or a sale, lease, license or other transfer of all or a substantial amount of the Company’s assets. The Investors through their representatives on the Board shall at their sole discretion determine whether any of the events stated above constitute a Liquidation Event.


Rights/Drag Along Rights

A. The Founders would work towards a plan that would give Investors an exit by the 3rd anniversary of their investment. This can happen in the following ways:

(a)Acquisition of the shares of the Company by a third party.
(c)If after a period of 5 years, the Founders have not been able to provide an exit for the Investors, the Investors can, though, written notice, cause the Company and/or the Founders to provide them an exit by buying back the shares at a fair value, on the bases of valuation determined by any of the following audit firms BDO Haribhakti; BMR; Bansi S Mehta & Co; Sharp & Tannan; N M Raiji & Co; Kalyaniwala & Mistry; or Khimiji Kunverji & Co.
(d)In case no exit has been provided to the Investors upon completion of 36 months of the investment, the Investors will have the unilateral right to sell their shares to any third party. If such third party requires additional shares in the company then the Investors shall have the right to drag along and require the Founders to sell some of their shares to enable such an exit.

B. In case, the Company decides to raise future rounds of funding, the Investors, at their sole discretion, may decide to sell their shares to the new investor at a price not less than the price of the shares issued to such new investor by the Company, up to 50% of total Investors holding.

Company Name Gaias Homes
Business Address No buisness address at the moment
Contact Person Steven Bo Rausch
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3 years ago

I am interested in starting a plant in the United States. Please contact me at or direct line: 443-617-8140 My background is third generation builder/developer, wrote the Clean Water Act for Congressman Long, owned successful testing/engineering facility for thirty years. Please contact me.thank you, dan galluzzo, esq