Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd

Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd

Project Title GACS Sdn Bhd was incorporated in April 2012 and since then the company has expand rapidly and doubling the sales revenue. Our latest financial audit report stand at RM900,000 and we have already achieve the previous sales as of today. Currently we are pitching to expand GACS Sdn Bhd to be a company to reckon.
Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM20,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd is a Penang based company that was set up in the year 2012. When Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd was set up, it was purely a service company that only concentrates on boiler servicing and automation services.

The primary focus of the business was concentrated on Edible Oils industry. Working closely with Desmet Ballestra (M) Sdn Bhd and Alfa Laval Sdn Bhd which are strong players in the Edible Oil Industries, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd began to expand his costumer base in the year 2013. Working closely with HTI GESAB from Germany for high pressure boiler, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd begins to import boiler parts from Hti and sell to costumers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

In the year 2014, the founder of Global Automation Combustion Sdn Bhd decided to take a drastic decision to convert Global Automation Combustion Solution to System Integrator and Development Company. Expanding its knowledge in Labview for software and gaining strong momentum in the boiler business, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd influence in the Edible Oils industries began to take shape. Penetrating to Wilmar International was a huge success for Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd as Wilmar International is the largest edible oil producer in the world which is own by the Kuok Group.

Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd expands to another division in conveyor system in the year 2015. Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd begins to design tubular drag conveyor for conveying system. A system which is common in the European and America market, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd have successfully set up a system in Surabaya for Sungai Budi Group. Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd proudly claimed the first unit in South East Asia and it was design and built locally. The founder of Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd begin to recognized the potential of the tubular drag conveyor in other industries and begin to massive promote the system.

In the year 2016, Global Automation Combustion Solution had successfully sold 10 units of the conveyor system and begin to penetrate into other market. Beside by the conveyor system, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd also expand its automation department. With a new system to remote monitoring all the process plants around the globe, Sungai Budi Group had agreed to purchase the system to monitor their process plant around Indonesia through VPN. With the agreement, Global Automation Combustion continue to upgrade its automation department and invest in technologies. In March 2016, Global Automation Combustion Solution hired a sales representative in Surabaya, Indonesia to support the market expansion in Indonesia.

Business Opportunity During the 4 years in operational, we have exploited the edible oil market with new technologies and also to design our own products. Below is the list of product GACS Sdn Bhd was able to establish during this 4 years of operational

1) Tubular Drag conveyor- A conveyor system that exist in the market for over 50 years and we by so far are the only engineering house that produce it locally in Penang, Malaysia. We have sold 10 units since the introduction of the system in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Design locally and built locally to keep the cost competitive. Since the conveyor is new and full of advantages,we are targeting to enter food indutries, cement industries and other industries.

2) Remote monitoring system for process plant. We had the opportunity to set up remote monitoring system with report generated for a group in Indonesia. The system capture real time process plant around Indonesia and transmit the data back to Jakarta headquarters. Costumise by GACS engineers, we have succeed to run a system from surabaya to Jakarta in real time. With this system proven, we can now begin to expand it to other group such as WIlmar International, PT SInarmas, Musim Mas,whereby to monitor and report generation at headquarters to monitor all their process plant.

Revenue / Business Model For future planning, we are planning to fabricate the conveyor by in house. Currently the conveyor is fabricated by third party, so the cost is high and profit margin is reduced. By moving the fabrication to in house, we will save at least 20 percent of the costing which will increase our profit.

We have plans to hire 2 sales engineer to increase the sales productivity. At the moment, the sales are done by the owner of the company.

We will continue to invest in Research and Development. Our target it to continue to create new products annually to boost our product line and also to diversify the company marketing. Few products are inlined to be tested and introduce for the year 2017

Management Team 1) Global Automation Combustion currently has
1 Administrative personnel
4 technical personnel
1 Country Manager in charge of Indonesia Market
2) Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd planned to hire 3 more technical personnel, 2 Administrative personnel and 1 sales personnel.
3) Global Automation Combustion Solution plans to hire 2 technical personnel for Research and Development in the 3rd Quarter of the financial year.
Company Date of Establish : 16nd April 2012
Directors : Jeremy Tan Shyh Hou and Chong Poh Choo
Number of workforce : 5 person in Penang, Malaysia and 1 person in Surabaya, Indonesia
Funding Milestone Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd is seeking to:
1) Establish an investment from passive investor of RM500,000 to prepare for company future expansion plans as stated below :
a) Expand the current workforce from 6 people to 14 people to cater the increase of project undertaking by the company. Planning to increase additional 1 automation engineer, 2 mechanical engineer, 2 technician/fitter to operate the machine, 1 sales personnel and 2 administrative staff.
b) Expand the office premise to fabricate and machining parts for conveyor system designed by in house engineering team and also to undertake mechanical projects for the 4 quarter financial year.
c) To purchase 1 unit stamping machine, 1 unit bending machine, 2 unit welding machine and hydraulic press machine
d) To set up a small Research Development in software and hardware for automation and programming for the 4th quarter financial year
e) To open a service centre in Sandakan, Sabah and Nonthaburi Thailand for 2017 plan
f) To purchase 2 four wheel pick up truck for material transporting in Penang office and Surabaya
% Equity Allocation 20 percent
Expected ROI 4 years
Company Name Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd
Business Address 57,Siam Road, 10400 penang, Malaysia
Contact Person Jeremy Tan Shyh Hou