Goat Project

Goat Project

Participate in National Boer Breeding Centre Project – the first breeding centre in Malaysia that produced HALAL CHEVON (Young Goat Meat below 1 year old) / CAPRIOTI (Young Goat Meat below 3 month old) to cater for local and international markets. Code: NBBCP

Investment in Goat Project

The company was incorporated in 2007 and actively involved in breeding industry. Its existing business are as follows :-

Domestic sales of meat and livestock (Goat / Sheep) i.e Slaughter and selling meat (goats and sheep) to restaurant, hotel and butchers and direct to exporters. In the domestic market 100% of the business is supplied on a HALAL basis (Goats and sheep), the farm deliver goats to local abattoir in a weekly basis
Direct import of live animals for breeding and slaughter from Australia for local markets.
Contract Farming
Currently it is in the middle of developing a National Boer Breeding Centre which expected to starts its operation in December 2009 with a number of 10,000 Boer goats.

The project located in Pondok Tanjung, Perak with the cooperation of Government Department and Agencies. (National Corridor Implementation Authority. Department Veterinary Services Malaysia and MARA)

National Boer Breeding Centre

Government initiatives to enhance economic growth in the Northern part of Peninsular Malaysia.
Special emphasis on the development of a Multiplier Goat Breeding thru Contract Farming Program in Pondok Tanjung, Perak.
Joint venture between the Company and government department and agencies MOA, DVS and NCIA.
RM 50 million will be financed to develop this project.
At initial starting, an area of 1,925 acres would be used to breed 10,000 boer goats. (Capacity 50,000 goats )
Product yield from the project comprises high quality breed Boer Goats, Goats to be Slaughtered, Organic Fertilizer, Young Goat Meat (CHEVON / CAPRIOTI) and other products for local and international markets.

Goat ProjectBoer Goats make a homogeneous goat which are originated from South Africa and head for to goat slaughtered. However it has many breeds in countries such as Europe and Australia. Their body system is stronger with coloured overall of white and a little brown on side from head to neck. These breeds of farming are increasingly popular in Malaysian.

Male Boer weights between 110 to 135 kg, while Female Boer weights between 90 to 100 kg. These breed of Goats gets calving as many as 3 times pregnancy within 2 years and Male Boer matures at the age 6 months and Female matures between 10 to 12 months.