GorillaWorkers.com seeking RM2mil commercialization fund

GorillaWorkers.com seeking RM2mil commercialization fund

Amount Invested : RM70,000

Amount Required : RM2,000,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:

I have over 15 years in ICT Industry. Most of my experience have been in the United States. I have done several consulting work with major USA companies. Some of the companies I have done consulting with are, Burlington Sante Fe, Nokia, GTE, Verizon, Town North Bank. I have reference if needed. I also have extensive online experience. I have been selling software I have developed Online since 2000. I know how to expose a product to the market.

Product / Service Description:

Current product I need funding for is http://www.gorillaworkers.com/

Product has been FULLY developed. Technology I am using is PHP and MYSQL an a dedicated server. Bottom line is need funding to market this product. This product is similar to https://www.freelancer.com It is a virtual workspace for businesses to outsource their projects to talented freelancers from around the world. Freelancers bid on projects.

Business Opportunity:

We are basically filling a void that has been created by Freelancer.com purchasing vWorker.com. we are following their same model with the exception of lower commission fee charged to workers. vWrorker was one of the fastest growing companies in the USA. And I liked their business concepts:
1) They collected 100% of Escrow funds
2) They did not have subscription fee.

Revenue Model:

We make money charging commissions to Freelancers on job completed.

Best to refer to VWorker model. they have been purchased by Freelancer.com and has left a void in the market, hence we have opened GorillaWorkers.com to fill this void.


Management Team: Ben Nelson – CEO

Investment to date – 70k


Ben Nelson ( ben@solaris.com.my)
Company Name: Solaris IT Solution
Postal Address : 58200
State : Wilayah
Post Code : 58200
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 017-244-0132
Website : http://www.solaris.com.my/
Mobile: 017-244-0132