Total investment amount is RM15 million for 15% of asset management fees from xxx Series 1 (“The Fund”). This is structured as non-cumulative redeemable preferred shares in xxx Capital (“The Asset Manager”). The asset management fees includes both annual and performance fees from the Fund.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Expected dividend payable annually is 22% per annum tax exempt returns (equivalent to 30% per annum gross returns) obtained within 3 years. Tax exemption is enjoyed until financial year 2016.


Redemption is in 5 years and this redemption is principal protected and secured by common share holdings in the Fund by xxx Capital or its appointed nominees. This holdings has a minimum investment amount of RM10 million (about 70% of total investor amount).

About Us

xxx Capital is the first Green or sustainable private equities investment firm in Malaysia. Its mission is to mainstream investments in the Green Economy. xxx Capital’s vision is to future proof our investors’ portfolio to various impending risks whilst becoming the premier sustainable investment management firm in the region. xxx Capital’s motto, ‘Stewardship of Sustainable Investments’, exemplifies its strong commitment to responsible investments with a special emphasis on sustainable property investments. Our value propositions are sustainable investment insights, commercially sustainable leadership and providing targetted attractive returns on portfolios of sustainable investments.

xxx Capital has Malaysian Securities Commission (SC) approvals to manage private equity investments by individual High Net Worth (HNW) and institutional investors. Specifically, the SC approvals are to manage investors within a single account (Type 1: C/A0064/VCM/2009) as well as provide portfolio diversification through a combined Fund account (Type 2: C/A0068/VC/2009). The combined Fund account is called xxx Green Fund Series 1 incorporated as xxx Series 1 Sdn. Bhd. Both accounts have their trustees held by Mayban Trustees Berhad.

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