What’s this E-Boat?

A fully homegrown Electric boat which uses pure electric to power.
Harness the power from Solar panels and dedicated battery cells to power an electric motor embedded in the boat.
Ergonomically design to cater all the necessity needs of a fisherman( can be customized to other types as well).
First of its kind in Malaysia, and to cater the huge demand of Malaysian Fisherman’s.
What’s Different?

Uses the more lightweight and durable materials(classified).
Full electric energy from high powered electric motors to run these boats.
Renewable energy from Solar panels and rechargeable batteries.
Very economic in consumption.
Assisted with latest technology (GPS,Tracker and etc).
Current Boats Issue

Guzzling diesel and polluting the sea and air.
Aluminum fishing boat is not good for use when there is bad weather approaching. Lightning can easily target the boat and the users in it
Low energy efficiency
Extra fuel consumption
Choppy rides(bumpy)
Non aerodynamic compared to Fiberglass
Corrosive due to salt water
What’s next?

Agreement on product with exact specifications, funding allocation, involvement of other stakeholders (subsidiary/JV/commission based)
Work on design, passing FEA test
Purchase of machines, equipment, tools and parts
Hiring of skilled/semi-skilled workers
Fabrication and assembly
Testing of the prototype
Marketing for mass market/JV/
Decision Time

Excellent ROI is expected from the number of boat sales to be done.(Asia/Mid East)
Details ROI and Investment / Technical specility would be shared upon NDA and Agreement signing.
57,095 vessels need upgrading or change, calculate the potential.

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