Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM1,000,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description GreenMan MCM Eco Workers Camps – Bringing the 1st ever Branded GreenMan Eco Workers Camps to the Construction, Engineering, Infrastructure and other
heavy industry projects

What is a GreenMan Eco Workers Camp?

Every large Project requires a lot of workers; usually they are not from the local area so they need to be accommodated for the life of the project.
Typical accommodation quarters (or camps) are thrown together with no thought for the workers lifestyle during what can be a long, difficult and lonely time.

International contractors and engineering firms are looking for better standards and sustainability, to meet their corporate requirements – this need is not being addressed currently.

What’s the difference between a GreenMan Eco Workers Camp and a normal camp?

Normal Camp

* Traditional buildings
* Standard design
* No innovation
* No creativity
* Lots of waste (power, water, food, rubbish)
* Limited entertainment
* Limited services
* High cost structures
**No Humanity**

GreenMan Eco Camp

* Fastbuild sustainable insulated buildings
* Novel designs
* Innovation & creativity are built in
* Zero waste (solar power, rainwater harvesting, food composting, recycling)
* Many entertainment and personal hobby choices
* All services
* Low cost structures / high margins
** Workers are Human – We treat them like it**

Business Opportunity We have the opportunity to buy outright an existing 480 bed workers camp servicing the massive US$50B+ Pengerang project in Johor Malaysia.

By focusing on sustainability and superb living conditions for the workers (mostly foreign workers), we can service those foreign contractors who are looking for improved conditions for their employees – and charge a premium for it.

Once we have the first camp and convert it to the Greenman Eco Workers camp conditions, we can model the Camp and expand by setting up greenfield camps or buying over other camps.

The existing camp we want to acquire is already in profit (marginally) with huge upside available in the immediate term. (See project overview for financial details)

Revenue / Business Model Existing revenue model sees annual revenue of RM900K, with marginal profit. This is based on less than 30% occupancy; we can immediately double the occupancy on takeover and quadruple profit and revenues within the first year.
Management Team Dennis McMahon (Australian) – 25+ years in Asia Pacific operating business and managing projects
Adam Kiss (Hungarian) – 5+ years managing logistics operations throughout Europe
Redza Hafiz (Malaysian) – 10+ years construction and materials sectors
Company Background The takeover company will be GreenMan MCM Sdn Bhd, a new company set up to commercialise the GreenMan tiny Home modular building system. The Greenman modular building system enables fastbuild sustainable buildings, which will allow us to expand the capacity of the existing camp. Currently the proxy company is Green Business JV Marketing Sdn Bhd, while we set up the GreenMan MCM Sdn Bhd.

The target company has been in operation since 2015 and has setup and run the existing camp successfully for more than a year

Funding Milestone Funds needed

Funds Use

RM1.2M for acquisition (100%)
RM300k for initial conversion to Greenman Eco Workers Camps configuration (inclusive of solar power and rainwater harvesting, which immediately reduces monthly costs by RM30K for annual savings of RM360K)

% Equity Allocation Currently offered as a debt package with 15% per annum interest and quarterly P & I payments over 3 years; however, equity is available up to 20% for the full invested amount of RM1.5M
Expected ROI Offering 15% per annum paid quarterly over a 3 year loan period
Risks and Mitigation Company shares and assets to be pooled and offered as collateral for the loan; target company already in revenue and in profit.
Exit Strategies Once we have established the GreenMan Eco Workers camp model, we will be looking to scale by licencing the systems to other camp operators and investors.

We plan on an IPO exit for our equity investors within 2 years of initial takeover, subject to market conditions. The debt funders would see

Company Name Green Business JV Marketing Sdn Bhd
Business Address A2-27-09 Parklane OUG Phase 3 Jalan 1/152 Puchong 58200
Contact Person Dennis McMahon
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