xxx Technology is an IT organization which develops open source software and Linux. It owns a well-known open source community which is known as Jom Linux. And now we would like to introduce our new web service which we named as “Gumuu”.

Gumuu is a web service which provides a multimedia file sharing like video, audio, photo and documents in the first place. We believe it has a bright future to be broaden as a cloud service and become a broadcaster in 7 years time just like Astro.

Gumuu is aimed for bloggers and media people in the beginning, and yet after increasing its services, it could become an important multimedia platform such as online TV and storage for album and digital contents.

We believe Gumuu has a bright future as Malaysia is currently considered as the most top 10 country which is using web sites on multimedia basis such as YouTube, Flickr and Picasa.

In the first quarter of 2008, Malaysia has RM 70 billion multimedia market capital. As for year 2009, rate of Malaysian people who were using broadband is 21.3% and it has been forecasted to be increased to 50% in year 2010.

We are planning to provide Gumuu service to people outside free of charge – but that does not mean it can’t make any profit. 80% from its profit will be coming from advertisements and the other 20% will be coming from subscription fees and add-on features access like a demand for more storage space. We believe this approach is more open and user friendly rather than making compulsory fees for each user who wants to use Gumuu.

In reality, there is no business without rivalry. As Gumuu is still on its early stage, so there is no rivalry expected – and if it is, there is still not that much.

There’s no one to provide the same services as we had, but if Flickr, Picasa and Dropbox are going to widen their services just like we did, they might be our rivals.

Our service is unique and it offers a better features from others. As for example, Dropbox is providing cloud storage but it was found to be a bit hard for sharing purpose with other people. Meanwhile, Flickr, Picasa and Youtube are more towards multimedia contents but they are hard to act as cloud storage as they are only specific to certain type of files.

Gumuu is more flexible. It can provide multimedia contents as well as cloud storage as the files are located in one place, thus users can share any type of files they want with ease. They do not have to learn different interfaces and create different accounts. This will give them a seamless experience throughout the way.

Our company do have a solid stand through our Jom Linux community which has a lot of experts and experienced people towards latest technology. They prompt feedbacks for any issues or information provided through our forum and discussion. As of current, our community has reached almost 3000 members itself.

We also do have a good business collaboration with Majalah PC from Karangkraf Group, and have our own column in the magazine every month without any cost. We foresee this as a good opportunity for us to promote and expose Gumuu to people in future. We have great collaboration with Sinar Harian daily newspaper as well which can help us to eliminate the promotion cost for our product effectively.

Gumuu is currently in Alpha stage (website currently available in Malay version only and we are still working on English version as well), and we need RM300K for its operational cost for two years – and the sales projection for second year operation would be RM180K. We have saved up the cost for Gumuu development for almost RM7K to be able to reach this current stage as we developed it in-house.

We have 4 team members who are leading this efforts – Mohd Fahmi as the founder of Digide Technology as well as Gumuu Project Leader, Hizwan Ahmad as Marketing Manager – he has 3 years experiences in developing walkie-talkie business and Guard System, and last but not least our expert programmers, Mohd Nawawi and Nizam Adnan who both have 7 years plus experiences in programming and networking environment.

We need a potential investor who could provide us funds for this project as soon as possible, preferable in 2 weeks time at least or 1 month at most. This is due to the early exposure of Gumuu to people outside and it might being counterfeited for any reason as well as to bear server costing.

We are glad to give of 30% of company share and happy to have investor to consult us. We propose IPO as the exit strategy but is still tolerable for other strategies if any.