Hadrons Capital Partners Sdn Bhd

Hadrons Capital Partners Sdn Bhd

Leveraging on the aggregate experience of its managers, Hadrons Capital has developed a unique investment framework to better understand the dynamics of both macroeconomics of global trends and microeconomics of operating enterprises. Hadrons has developed competitive skills to identify undervalued companies with sustainable growth potentials spanning across a wide arrays of industries.

We focus on listed companies that are uniquely positioned to capture the multi-year secular boom in emerging Asia, especially China. Our detailed analysis shows that the shift from the West to the East, led by China, has entered an exciting and transformational period.

While this opens up tremendous opportunities for fund managers to invest in high-growth companies, the return of superior profits is not going to be taken for granted. It requires constant monitoring and timely execution of an active strategy that responds to short-term market dislocations.

With our excellent grasp of economic fundamentals – both macro and micro – and more than 20 years of experience in the Asian markets, we are committed to build on this foundation to achieve superior investment returns for investors.