Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM100k
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description HALAL F & B market opportunity growing within Malaysia its self is so great that 70 % of the processing giants are non bumiputra s and dominated by foreign players, This nature of business will require a constant supply of HALAL processing goods towards the emerging big and small Business entrepreneurs’ within Malaysia or externally

Proposed Business
I proposed to set up a Halal Restaurant & cafe and with a Central Kitchen and hope to turn it into a franchise Modular at the near future for this initial project.

The location will require approximately …2,500sqf to 3,000sqf consisting of the ( CK ) Central Kitchen At the back end , and the Franchise Modular At the front end of the said premises with a self service concept with a seating capacity to accommodate 60 – 80 persons , and a LIVE KITCHEN , SHOW CASING OF THE REAL TIME COOKING OF FRESH FOODS

Another Area to highlight is the Company’s processing items for Sale to the direct hand user. And also The Opportunity for entrepreneurs to take acquires the exact concept of the franchise modular or Business in Operation.

( PCK ) Processing Central Kitchen ( BACK –END )
The whole idea of having PCK is to centralize the Bulk Production, Cost Control and Quality Monitoring,
( R& D) Research and Development into New and exciting recipes and meals for further expansion and chain supply to the near future of franchise modular’s

The Concept of having this (FM) is to have full monitoring of the Operations and set it as a training outlet for future franchisees crew , and also minimize operation cost with multitasking practice concept ( FAST –FOOD )

As we know , in today’s food industry that location is one of the most important aspect ,but then , again, the price of the location can also be a major set back if the demographics are not well studied, with the right budget and kind of quality and value of food. High cost of rental is subjective. So, with a simple fast –food ( HRC ) a small area will be sufficient to accommodate this easy to operate ( back up from the (CK) with (SOP) Standard Operating Procedures. Simple & minimum equipment set up with low labor intensity

Business Opportunity Franchise to new bumi entrepreneurs
chain supply to
cafe .rest. functions ..etc
Revenue / Business Model Rm 80-120k min .
Management Team Rest and processing kitchen
Providing training and management fr consultant team
Company Background 40years of f n b processing exposure
Funding Milestone On going
% Equity Allocation 40 to nego
Expected ROI 2 years
Risks and Mitigation Normal
Exit Strategies Should not
Company Name Roz rest
Business Address usj
Contact Person Leslie