Xxxx Sdn Bhd (“Xxx” or the “Company”) brings the world of health tourism to the finger tips of the masses. Xxx’s portal allows its subscribing members to browse through its substantial list of participating hospitals who offer world class medical treatments. Not only are members able to choose which treatment they would like to have, they are also able to book flights, accommodation and exclusive tour packages offered at the website. Members will be able to pick and choose suitable packages in 5 destination countries; Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India & the Philippines.

To further facilitate a seamless and borderless business, Xxx offers its members a device called the iPHER (“Individual Personal Health Electronic Record” or the “device”) which enables them to convert and store their entire history of medical records. Information mirrored from the device to the portal will also facilitate online medical consultation from over 2000 medical practitioners with the members prior to embarkation.

Supported by a 24×7 multi-lingual call center based in Malaysia, India & the Philippines, Xxx strives to provide world class customer service to visiting tourists. Armed with a customized Customer relationship Management (CRM) system the portal also allows its members to synchronize, back-up and restore information into the device. With USD2 million invested to date, 28 issued patents and over 20 world class private hospitals in negotiations for partnership, Xxx is poised to take the health tourism market by storm. There are no other organizations in the world at the present moment that offers a complete and total solution to individuals who wish to travel abroad for medical treatment. The iPHER is unmatched by current and visible future competitive offerings.


Open source EMR. Many countries have embarked on Electronic Medical Records (EMR) across their nations but have failed. This is due to the fact that many hospitals utilize Hospital Information Systems (HIS) that are not compatible with one another. With the iPHER, we have resolved the issues of protocol and incompatibility.

Patent-Protected Technology. The technology platform of the iPHER is protected by 28 patents which would make it very difficult for competition to duplicate. Currently it is the only device in the world that is stand-alone, able to store scientific medical images, videos, etc without any other external software or the need to be online.

Multi-Billion dollar global business. Global health tourism is a large and growing market, estimated by the Boston Consulting Group™ at USD20 Billion in 2006, growing to USD58 Billion by 2012.

Multiple revenue streams. The power of this investment comes from the marriage between the health tourism portal and the iPHER device. It generates not only sales income for the company but also recurring income, which is absent in most business models. Current model accounts for 5 different revenue streams with many more unaccounted for as there are many spin-offs that can be generated from this business.

First mover initiative. There are no similar offerings in the world at the moment that provides customers with choice. All other health tourism initiatives are conducted by hospitals themselves.

World Class Customer Service. The crux of this business is customer service. If Xxx positions itself as the concierge of every private hospital in the region, Xxx could very well take over the health tourism market of the world!

In-line with Government Initiatives. Almost every government in the region is gunning for the opportunity of earning foreign exchange from the health tourism industry. Hence market penetration into these countries will be encouraged by their respective governments.

In-line with Private Hospital Initiatives. Almost every private hospital in the region is gearing up for health tourism. Specialized floors have been designated for tourists, apartments/hotels being built to house families of these tourists. Multi-lingual personnel being hired to manage non-English speaking tourists. Hence they would welcome the portal with open arms as it would add to their bottom line.

Tremendous spin-offs. There are a lot of other businesses that can be generated from the portal eg. Data mining, pharmaceutical, software development, document imaging services, insurance etc

Passionate and visionary management team. The team has been working on the project for over 3 years now and has brought the company thus far, from a simple website to a full scale portal coupled with brick and mortar elements. They will continue to strive to bring the company to the next level.

Grants are available. The company is in the final stages of its MSC status application. It has also aligned itself with MIMOS initiatives in the field of semantics. There are many R&D funds that the company can acquire for software and hardware development.


Xxx is seeking USD12 million in equity financing. The business model is cash driven with minimal assets required. This is a sound investment opportunity, with the added advantage of tax free benefits (minimum 5 years with the possibility of up to 10 years) in Malaysia once Xxx is approved as a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) company. Being cash driven, there is every possibility that dividends could be declared immediately as returns to the shareholders. Xxx anticipates that this financing will be sufficient for the company to be profitable after 2 years. The Company may also undertake to consummate a reverse merger or public listing in the next 24 months.

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