Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 340,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description We are building a franchise rivaling to SUBWAY but healthier, more delicious and gourmet based.

We offer sandwiches, wraps and salads with 5 different bread, 8 different fresh vegetables, 6 warm fillings, 4 options of meat and 12 gourmet sauces to choose from.
Our customers can choose and mix all of the offerings in their sandwich, wrap or salad

We pride ourselves in our in-house freshly prepared gourmet sauces, cooked from scratch with no additives.
Our warm fillings cooked daily using real ingredients.
We only use real meat and absolutely no processed meat.
We are also moving towards Halal certification and is vegetarian friendly.

Our concept follows the famous Chipotle in the United States.

Business Opportunity We are embarking to build a healthy fast food franchise rivalling Subway in Malaysia.
Subway reported revenue of RM 140 million per year in 2013, operating with 150 outlets nationwide.There is a big and growing trend among Malaysians looking for reasonably priced & healthier alternatives to mixed economy rice, mamak, fast food and Subway.
Healthy food choices in the market today are either expensive or does not taste good.

We know we can offer a better healthier and tastier alternative to what is being offered in a fast food service setting. Our current outlet is showing us this opportunity and our value proposition is on the right track.

Revenue / Business Model 1) Revenue from shops
2) Franchise model
3) Brand reaches full valuation and sell to interested buyers
Management Team Chef. Involvement in F&B for 10 years, peviously attached to BIG Group
Operations Manager- 10 years experienced project management
Company Background Company incorporated 30 July 2015 with SSM.
The business started in January 2016.
Total investment so far is about RM 340,000.
Total revenue after 3 months operations is RM 55,000, where revenue growth > 130% in March 2016.
Marketing & advertising only started in March 2016.
Funding Milestone Plan for investment:
1. RM 210,000 to sustain current premise next 9 months2. Target to open 5 additional locations in the next 12 months within Klang Valley with required investment of RM 310,000 per outlet. The cost above includes initial start up cost, operational cost and marketing cost for the next 7 months upon start of outlet.
% Equity Allocation 50
Expected ROI 2 years after initial investment. Target revenue per outlet per year: RM 500,000
Risks and Mitigation Other similar competitor start up, copying our brand & model
Food Cost increase due to weather or currency fluctuation
Rental cost
Exit Strategies 1. Brand reaches full valuation and sell to interested buyers i.e. KFC, to buy a stake
2. Equity buy back from other investors
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